Brand yourself!

It isn’t very many people who consider the importance of branding to their daily lives. Branding is not just for you to know what best product to pick from the supermarket shelves; it actually follows you wherever you go. Irrespective of what personality you make think you have, you have a brand. People make perceptions of you within a couple of minutes of meeting, they look at what you are wearing, the way you talk and above all the way you carry yourself. At your work place, with your friends, with your customers or simply when sitting on the bus to work, you as an individual have a brand. Brand yourself!

Top Brands
The top brands are the leaders of the pack. There is something that makes them stand out from the other ordinary peeps. They may stand out for many reasons, such as the level of excellent service they may offer, the colours that represent them, their degree of loudness, how proficient they are at what they do, how superb they are in representing/expressing themselves, how efficient they are in nabbing deals etc.

Basically, top brands are the best of the best, a minority, their name speaks for itself, cream of the crop and the work they do is always in top form. At work, I am sure you can already pick out the Top Brands without much thought, because you already know who they are. They have left that imprint in your brain that tells you “I am the top, not you” whether it’s because of the way they may dress, the charisma they have with your boss, the charm they exude to clients, the efficiency of their performance, their notably high level of confidence, the sales targets they have met etc. You probably hate them.

Not Too Known Brands
Well, these are best described as mediocre. A large majority fall into the not too known brand, not because you do not have potential to become a top brand, but because of various other factors such as low self esteem which you simply need to get over because yes people are crude and ruthless but you shouldn’t care what they think about you, perhaps you lack confidence which is something you can work on, perhaps you are not too proficient in the work you do in which case you should stick close and learn from peers or take a course that can help you excel.

At this stage there is so much room for improvement that you can work on to your advantage. Getting to the top brands is challenging, but hey no pain no gain. At your work place there are numerous ways that you can use to improve your brand.

Unknown Brands
Sadly, these brands are either new to the market and therefore trying to survive just to make it to the not too known brands or they just lack motivation to do much more than what they are currently doing a.k.a they couldn’t give a hoot they are comfortable. In this day and age it’s important to portray yourself in exactly the same way you want people to perceive you whether it’s in the way you dress, your decorum or even your speech.

Being an unknown brand is not where you want to permanently be because if offers you very little when it comes to achieving your dreams and goals both in a social setting and at work. Unknown brands have to work really hard to become more exposed to the market, to become more knowledgeable of which direction they want to follow and to learn new tactics or values that will work for them.

At the work place recently recruited people need to often get to grips with their new environment, they need to learn what values the work place is all about and they need to learn how to stand out. The truth though is sometimes we get too comfortable at this level maybe because don’t really feel motivated to do much more especially if you’re in a job you hate.

Don’t remain an unknown brand, take it up a notch.

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