My Dream Chic?

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This name came to me under inspiration. My Dream Chic. We always dream that we will get hooked up to that person of our dreams. So with the hope that I was someone’s dream or was in someone’s dream… even as a passerby… hehehe… I refer to myself as Dream Chic.

May be the reason why people walk up to you and tell you that you look familiar is because you have featured in their dreams. Most likely as an extra and not as the main feature because if you were the main feature they would not be vague when they approach you, like they try so hard to remember your name and where they know you from.

And how does this dreams thing work anyway? I thought that dreams filter from the sub-conscious meaning that if someone came and said to you that they saw you for the first time and you were the person of their dreams would that be an oxymoron?

Further exploring on this issue of dreams, if someone once said to you that you were the boy/girl of their dreams then they left you with a broken heart what does that mean? Could it mean:

  • They woke up before the dream was over so they did not get a chance to see how the dream would end
  • They have dreamt about it ending and so they were enjoying it while it lasts

And what is so special about being somene’s person of their dreams? People usually sleep after a hard day’s work and are semi-dead when they are asleep so what effort did they put in dreaming about you?

How about they tell you that you are the person of their hard work or the person of their passion or even the person of their pursuit…hehehe…very unromantic I know but practical all the same. I guess there is a reason why some of the things we say to the people of of dreams are termed as ‘sweet-nothings‘ very impractical words put together :) and how does one become a person of another’s dreams when the same person who is meant to be dreaming tells you ‘I can’t sleep because of you‘, ‘I cant eat because of you‘, etc. How do you dream and not sleep at the same time? Day-dream perhaps? Then you would not be the person of their hardwork because they are busy daydreaming instead of working. Then in the end you say you never saw the red flags earlier. Look, red flags and red tents all over.

I promise I will write better next time :)

Author: Shiro Renee
Bio: I love to read but am not a very regular writer

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  • Africangel

    LOL… you really made me laugh… you should write more often.

  • bailey

    Tee hee hee! The randomity of your thoughts is very consoling…I am not alone…I like this article very much!

  • Shiro Renee

    Thanks gals,the future belongs to those who overthink :)

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