Duped And Deceived

Sandra was special in so many ways. As much as we had been friends for a while, she had so many secrets that Michelle and I used to wonder what was real or not. Am not saying that it is bad to have secrets but if we really call ourselves BFF’s then what was so major for one to hide? Anyway so after my son was horrified beyond words, I mean nearly giving my boy a heart attack and then wanting to talk to me, I decided that Sandra had some explaining to do.

Thursday afternoon after I had done my errands for the day, Sandra called and insisted we meet at a very expensive place. It then occurred to me that if I was not careful I was about to be bought without even knowing.

I arrived, parked my car and there she was looking so gorgeous in a sun dress (I would have sworn that it was not her). She waved at me and I went to the table. I was nervous because I was holding a secret so dear and I had a friend whom I cherished so much but I was here with the traitor and home breaker (I already jumped to that conclusion unless this meeting proved me wrong).As I had said, all my senses and two extra including a satellite were all functioning that day.

I walked slowly and carefully, sat down and she handed me the menu (ok I was starving so I could not decline-but again in my head I was the “nerve of this woman!”). I flipped the menu and settled on some chicken and fries (the prices were so exorbitant I chose the reasonable one). Sandra was quiet and I knew she was reading my mood. I am one of those mean-ass people who can swallow you alive if am having a bad day. She searched my face for clues and sighed with relief. I was not sure it was a good sign because I had a feeling I would hit the roof about her excuse.

Again as I said, the nerve of this woman, my lunch arrived, I ate and then settled for some ice cold juice and still she had not uttered a word. “Sandra, you asked me to come and hear you out and it’s been an hour and you have no decency to say anything? Am leaving. I have a lot of things to do,” I said pulling my chair and on my feet. I was fuming I could feel my ears turn pink and hot.

She smiled and looked at me and said, “You know Tatiana, you always have been a smart ass and I want you to know am not afraid of you or Michelle. If you want to go ahead and tell her, then be my guest. But remember that what I share with Michelle’s husband is more than any of you can comprehend.”

I had to sit down because this was beyond my comprehension. I mean this …I was lost for words to even describe her-has the nerve to actually threaten me on something that concerns her? I had to think straight before I abused the living hell out of this woman. It was not my battle and here I was fighting in it.

I had to ask her what her problem is and then she said, “My dear Tatiana, I have known that man even before he married Michelle and I have children with him. Michelle is his second wife and he wants to divorce her and am sorry you had to hear it from me and that’s the hard core truth. I warn you just make sure you don’t burn yourself in that oil.”

Utter shock and dismay, I could not find my words. I was tongue tied and in so much shock that it was not funny. I did not want to judge anyone neither defend anyone. Here I was with information that could destroy people and I was quiet about it. One, two, three, I took a deep breath and calmed down, although m y heart was racing.

“You know Sandra, I don’t think what you are telling me is the truth and I don’t care what you have to say I shall tell Michelle. How do you even live with yourself all this lying and cheating? How do you sleep at night telling yourself that Michelle’s husband belongs to you when you really know he isn’t?” I asked almost shouting.

“Tatiana, you are so naïve that sometimes I want to slap the living hell out of you. Who do you think has kept me in that apartment and bought me that car, finances my gym membership and all those exotic trips I take? Stop acting like a child,” she said giving me a sly look.

I was pissed as hell. I wished the world would stop so that I could scream the F word so loud that my lungs could not handle. I recollected myself and there was some truth in what Sandra was insinuating. I stood up and I was about to leave without even a goodbye when she said “Don’t forget to pay the bill for your lunch,” What? I could not even believe it. This woman was the devil’s sister and that was not a myth but a fact. I was so glad that I could afford that meal. Thanks to my extra senses.

Witch…she was a witch. As I paid the waiter she watched me with a grin on her face and then pulled an envelope from her handbag and told me, “I hope that is compensation enough,” and she stood and left before I could even say anything.

I was left there starring at the envelope three minutes later and she had already pulled away from the parking. I hesitated to open the envelope, it could go off anytime like a bomb. I finally did and there was a cheque in my name and OMG the zeros on that cheque were unbelievable. Was this the price for my silence not to tell Michelle or approach her husband? Sandra was a real plotter and deceiver. I took the cheque and put it in my handbag and went to my car.

I sat in the car for almost ten minutes until my phone rang and it was a text from Sandra saying thanks. I had to see Michelle very soon because this was getting out of hand.

Editor’s Note:
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