New Year Resolutions: Pass or Fail?

Happy New Year! I hope the year continues to unfold with the same optimistic energy it seemed to begin with. As per kawa, many people had New Year’s resolutions all made out. I thought I’d wait about 2 weeks before checking in to see how ya’ll were doing. So….how are you doing with those resolutions? Well, if I’m gonna ask you for info then the least I can do is give you some myself so here goes.

One resolution was to stop using the word “F*#k” in all its variations. Permanently. Two weeks into the year and I can report that my success rate has been about 20% (although if I had a curse bank it’d be a bit lower, I think). It’s not that I curse like a sailor, it’s just that I use the word whenever I feel like it. Remember the goal was to stop completely! Yeah, let’s just say it’s a work in progress 🙂

Another resolution was to work on my social life. In a nutshell, I want to go out more and do more things since I’ve become quite the home body. Success rate on this one is about 50%; I have gone out more, I have made more of an effort toward making actual changes but I can’t say I’m completely satisfied with progress here. I left most of my friends in one country and I honestly don’t feel too motivated to find new friends because let’s face it, the older you get the fewer quality new friends you tend to have (or maybe that’s just me). Enough about me though. Tell me about you; your new year so far, any resolutions, progress…whatever you wanna share, it’s all good.


I’m watching the video [below] of the Kenyan cop who got busted – literally – by a truck driver. Question: is it terrible that I ‘get’ why the truck driver thumped him? I mean, listen, I don’t advocate for violence as a first line of defense but I do get why someone who felt (I think) bullied and powerless would lash out at his bully. We can decry his actions as much as we want and point to the law courts as the great equalizer where every Kenyan can receive justice. However, can we at least take off our rose colored lenses and also admit that in Kenya, so-called justice is for the rich while laws and restrictions are for the poor? I don’t think anyone – let alone a police officer – should be allowed to reserve his right to collect bribes, harass and/or bully the very people he should protect. I hate to suggest it but if the culture of impunity is not addressed then we can expect to see more of these incidents. Bribes are not a right!

Well, here’s to a wonderful, violence-free week!

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