Ask Lily: Dating a married man

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Hi Lily,

I have tried dating guys but all I have ended up being is hurt, cheated on or dumped. I hooked up with a guy who I later found out that he was married but we have been together for four years. I know its wrong but he has been so good to me that i can not find a way to break up with him,i tried to separate myself from him by dating another guy recently, but he is still calls me every day. I recently found out that the guy i hooked up with has a wife and a child too and he has also been flirting around with other women. I confronted him but he claims its not true. I have also been to his house unannounced but I haven’t found any evidence to incriminate him. Am not sure about him, I have doubts but what I want is to get a good man who loves me. What do I do?


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