Extreme Dating

Once upon a time there was a princess who desperately wanted to find her Prince. She was beautiful, kind, accomplished and yes, somewhat snobbish. She met men from far and wide but still could not find her Prince. They just didn’t click. At least she had her talking frog friend to chat to.

Froggy was such a great pal. He understood her. And one day, quite by mistake, she kissed him and right before her eyes he turned into the most magnificent man. They clicked. She had finally found her Prince.

Fast forward to now. Having loved this fairytale since childhood I decided a few years ago to aim for the frogs first. The assumption: frogs make better Princes and it shouldn’t take that long right? So wrong. I’ve kissed a lot, a lot of frogs.

They are still frogs.

It now turns out that this condition, this prolific dating syndrome, is called extreme dating. I am an extreme dater. There I said it. I’ve gone on blind dates, have joined dating sites, done speed dating, tried activities I loathe – all to get a date or please the date I end up with.

I’ve decided to carry on with this extreme dating and share these adventures with you. It’s the least I can do for all the ladies out there … consider me your advance party or something before the rest pitch up. Or a food taster just in case a meal is poisoned. I’ll take the heat so you don’t have to … and meet my Prince before you do!

To speed things up I joined a reputable dating site last year. How do I know it’s reputable? Well it took me 2 hours to join and their questionnaire is extensive to say the least. Anyone who can complete that questionnaire and pay to hand over all control to be matched to total strangers must be at least 50% normal. Results thus far: 1 blind date that I did muster the courage to go for.

What happened … that’s the next installment.

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