Ask Lily: Did he play me?

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Hi lily, am in a dilemma here.

I met this guy who was into me. At first I wasn’t into him because I was involved with another guy then. I got to find out through a common friend we share that he was into me. After meeting him we connected and found out that we like each other. He was still involved with an older woman who he claims he didn’t love but loved me. Things didn’t work out with my current boyfriend then and we got to separate.this guy was still in pursuit for me but I didn’t want to get involved because of his complicated situation.

We recently met and he told me that things dint work out between them and they had separated but i am still not sure. He has always said he loved me and been very persistent about it for years.since i also liked him I gave in and we hooked up. We got intimate the day we hooked up and after that he disappeared. I called him but he said he will call me, I wrote him an email but he never responded. I tend to think he just played with me but am not sure because he always talks to his friends about me and marriage.


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