Talk about wrong timing

Christmas Eve was Friday and we as a family had decided that we would spend the night at Michelle’s house. My husband was not so up to the idea and I really had a hard time convincing him that it would do us and the kids a great deal to just bond with our friends and the season was a great way to do so. My husband had been working so hard in the year and he really deserved a well earned break and what better way but with our friends whom we had known for so long (and Sandra of course, how can I forget that).

On this Friday before we packed the kids for the sleep over at Michelle’s my husband blurted out to me “Honey, why has Sandra been single for so long and yet she lives in a fabulous apartment, drives a better car than we do and is always so glamorous besides the fact that she has no job?”

Talk about chocking on your own words. I had no answer for my husband all I could do was shrug and pack up. I did not want to give away what I had overheard or seen with Andrea, Michelle’s husband, though it was killing me to hide this from my husband (which I normally don’t do). Packed and ready, we all got to the car and the drive to Michelle’s began.

It was the most silent journey in a long time. In the back the kids were mumbling the way it would be so awesome to be with Michelle’s two children. As I sat there I wondered to myself, if it was true that Andrea and Sally were out for Michelle, this would really affect the kids so much. I looked over at my husband and said a silent prayer.

I could smell the aroma from the drive way and as usual, Sandra had arrived earlier than we had, which to me was no surprise at all. She came over cheerily, “Tatiana darling how are you, you look fabulous as always,” In my mind I went like “Excuse you?” I mean in the years we had been friends, we had never been that close for such compliments. Anyway I put on the plastic smile and said thanks. My husband grabbed the kid’s bags and met Andrea at the door who looked over at me as if he had something to say and thought twice about it. He led my husband to where the kids would be sleeping.

I went to the kitchen to help Michelle out with the food. It was already evening by then and as the kids took a shower and played board games, the adults were chatting. Sandra and Andrea were setting the table eyeing each other (that was not a sight one would miss, it was not brain surgery). In what seemed like a flash of a second, Andrea mentioned that he was going to take a shower and would be down for dinner. After a while Sandra decided that she would go and tell the kids to come down for dinner, half an hour earlier than the usual time, which to me was more than awkward. My husband looked over to me and all I could do was shrug like I had no idea what was going on (oooh it was killing me not telling my husband what was going on, but I had to know the truth and have it so concrete that it would be undeniable).

Andrea and Sandra were both upstairs in what seemed like more than an hour (am very keen on time, punctuality and all the things that have timelines). In my endless thoughts and world, I saw my son 15 years old, came down looking like he had seen a ghost.

“Mum I need to talk to you NOW,” he said in almost a commanding voice.

I did not even have to ask what he really wanted to say, my sixth and seventh sense were at work. We went to the garden and strolled and what he told me next, knocked me off my socks I felt the need to rewind everything and stop this at once.

“Mum, I know that we have had this discussion before but I have to tell you that I have seen Leon’s father (Andrea) getting into the shower together with Sandra. The rest of the details are too embarrassing for me to even say,” he said stuttering. For one second I felt like I was not getting any air. It was so shocking and horrifying I could not put it into words. I had given my children the sex talk, so I was scot free on that.

I went upstairs, told the children to come down for dinner and as we sat at the table, Andrea followed and Sandra a moment later. My husband looked over to me and immediately sent me a text with a question mark. It was the wrong time and I told my son not to mention what he had seen to Michelle, Andrea or their children. As we sat at the table I looked from Andrea to Sandra and I toasted and said, “To friendship through the year, with no betrayals, just love and more love. Cheers Michelle and Andrea for the time you have hosted us through the year, I love you all.”Sandra chocked on her food and all I could do was grin. My son looked over to me with pitiful eyes, and I knew it meant act fast. Dinner was over and the kids were going to bed, my husband and I had to leave.

Sandra came up to me asking to talk, I ignored her and told her that I had to leave, I was exhausted and that it was not even a good time to do so. She however said she was staying over and this made things even worse. I kissed my kids goodnight and asked my oldest not to utter a word. We sat in the car with my husband and what he said next was not even shocking because I kind of expected it.

“Honey, I think Sandra and Andrea are having an affair.” I looked over to him and told him the whole story as we sat in the drive way. He was so furious he wanted us to take the kids home, which I said would make them sad, so he decided against it. Our fear was how the night would go. That night we did not sleep, we sat up and watched movies till morning. Sandra had called me earlier…what she had to say was not even my cup of coffee. I decided I had to talk to Sandra and soon. I had no clue what to say to her, but I figured I would once I saw her.

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