Another Year!!

Drop the last year into the silent limbo of the past. Let it go, for it was imperfect, and thank God that it can go
– Brooks Atkinson

Another new year and as always I am in a reflective mood. My achievements for 2010? Just a few. Did I achieve my New Year resolutions? I have no idea because I have never had them simply because I forget them soon as the first day of the year end so I decided never to bother with them instead I have goals, well written in my head.

How many of us really achieve their well written resolutions? For those of you who write them down, put a tick against the ones you fulfilled this year and see what you get. 2/5? 1/5? Or simply none?

If you got 5/5 kudos, below 3 pull up your socks, 0/5 don’t bother doing resolutions for 2011!

To say I achieved nada in 2010 would be a lie I learnt a lot of things and I have grown. I am not the same woman I was last year or the year before. I am more in control of myself and my emotions.

What I hope to achieve in this year is greater.

God has given us another shot at life. So go out there and right your wrongs. Forgive your enemies. Love selflessly. Oh yes and count your blessings!!!

To all our readers, thank you for your support. Bonne Année!

Happy New Year.

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