Don’t need you to tell am pretty to make me feel beautiful..this beauty I know, comes from inside my heart
– Samantha Mumba

Apart from high school where circumstances forced me to wear a skirt, and mercifully the knee length socks used to cover my legs, wearing skirts had been a no go zone for me. One mean girl was actually bold enough to label them ‘hockey sticks’ and trust me it hurt bad to hear that.

As it so happens when you tell a young person that a certain part of their body is not all that especially a girl, hockey sticks became synonymous with my legs as I grew up so I steered clear of anything that would show any part of in public.

One day I go shopping with a girlfriend and I spot these really cute shoes in a shop in town. I quickly wear them and start prancing in front of the mirror admiring the shoes when my friend advises me to pull up my jeans in order to view the shoes well from another angle.

I pull up my jeans self consciously and my friend immediately asks me why I have been hiding my gorgeous legs. The shop attendant joins in the discussion (kissing my you know what to make a sale) they both brush off my excuse saying that my legs are skinny because am petite (yea right).

Since then, I wear my skinny pins with pride.

It doesn’t end there though, I still research on how to get them bigger and I have a small portfolio of exercises from the internet.

Taking the stairs instead of the lift and yoga coupled with tonnes of attitude has transformed me from the hockey stick mentality to its-part-of-my-body-and-am-beautiful!

So many women have a similar story with parts of their bodies they would love to change. I have heard complaints raging from heavy thighs to big nose to the mother of all- stretch marks/scars.

For me there are only two ways to deal with that. Either do something about it e.g. toning you thighs (and the whole body) through exercising, eating healthy, using creams to fade the stretch marks etc. Or accept and love your body the way you are especially for things that you were given by your creator like the big nose because clearly you can’t change that except by taking drastic measures like going under the knife.

Use that part of you that you love to cover up your faults. Dare to be different don’t let society dictate what is beautiful and what is not. Drop your insecurities and have the kind of attitude that screams I am beautiful! Obesity though is a lifestyle disease whose dangers are understated. Don’t wait too long to lose those extra pounds.

Beauty?… To me it is a word without sense because I do not know where its meaning comes from nor where it leads to
– Pablo Picasso

Photo credit: lusi

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