When I grow up, I want to be a…

The other day I was part of a group that travelled to the Aberdares for a retreat, granted we did some work but mostly enjoyed the full board luxury and decadent desserts to match. The views were amazing and everything else, which truly goes to show what a wondrous awesome country we have. As I looked over the Aberdares, all that flashed through my mind were visions of travelling across the world and getting to tell everyone I could all about it. So where did some of us go wrong with our careers considering 90% of the people I know (including myself) are not even in the careers they studied for earnestly at University?

As a primary school kid I wanted to be an air hostess or a dentist. Ok, I now realize that at that time I couldn’t fathom any glamour with the dentist job it seemed like an important job, down the street from lawyer and engineer. Now that I think about it, the glamour would be mostly going into other people’s mouths and cleaning, probing, resolving gum issues and filing in cavities! Yiikes I would be more scared than the patients, so obviously dentist didn’t last too long.

The air hostess to me still has some glamour in it. I see air hostesses and think, wow cute small uniforms with the heels to match and they always have to look good whether they are having a bad day or not oh and then they ever look like they are in a hurry carry their serious looking cases on board. The glamour doesn’t end there, jet setting across Africa, Asia, Europe, and America, everywhere you could want to go! The parts of being put up in nice hotel rooms and let’s not forget the access to duty free shops across the world is pretty nice. Now does that sound good or what? Only problem though is if you have a fear of flying, huh?

But looking out at the magnificent view I realized that I now had this newer dream job. I would love to be paid to travel and write all about it additionally take footage of the best parts of my tours. Yes, you got it right, a Tour Correspondent. If anyone out there knows where I can sign up for that, please drop me a line right here. Being an adventurous and spontaneous individual means that I like to travel at the drop of a hat. I have done it numerous times and almost all my friends who get to hear about my adventures think I have lost the plot.

I would have fantastic experiences all paid for of course and coupled with sleeping in world class as well as middle of nowhere resorts and lodges. Mmmhh I can almost smell the lovely spread of five course meals I would be indulging in and yes the decadent desserts would be there too. Somebody stop me! Sitting by the brilliant white Barbados and Phuket sands, as I sip on my Mojito, looking over the ocean wondering how best to capture the scene with just words.

The life of the rat race has made us forget exactly who we are. When I grow up I want to be a travel correspondent, you?

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