I do not know where 2010 has gone. I feel like I’m orbiting through life at break neck speed. At this rate I may as well start planning my 40th birthday which is a mere 46 months away!

As each year draws to a close I like to do my celebration list. Undoubtedly there will be loads more to add by the end of the year but for now ….

I celebrate …

Love …
In the smiles and tears of my children
In the time spent with my treasured family
In the making of new friends
And in cherishing the friends who have come, gone or are still here

Forgiveness …
Of myself daily
Of those that I feel depleted by
For time and opportunities wasted
In order to move on

Hope …
In the face of adversity
When I’m broke and don’t know what to do next
That I will meet my imperfect partner
And continue to live my best life – no holds barred

Faith …
In the future of my beloved Kenya
Knowing that my dreams will come true just as so many already have
That I will, in this lifetime, be satisfied with my rather healthy and unflat tummy!
And quit smoking

Joy …
With every breathe I take
Watching my children grow and knowing I am with them
In the work that I do
And always learning

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