The Side Hustle

I have formed a real interest in side hustles and budding entrepreneurial/start up stories. Are you one of those people who feel unfulfilled in their jobs? Well, here is some food for thought. Many people are in jobs that they would rather not be doing. They had dreams that somehow faded away by day, the shade of the dream became lighter and lighter to a rather pale shade. But who’s to say that the dream is completely gone? Key word was “faded” so there is always time to brighten up that dream again, even if it starts as a side hustle.

Few people have that full blown entrepreneurial flair. The kind that just burns within, that just can’t sit at an 8 to 5 desk for more than 4 hours in a day, that can’t hold down employment for a month, that hate to be constantly supervised and ordered around, catch my drift? And then there are those who don’t quite know where to start even though they have that one business idea that they know will marvel the world to complete oblivion. They also aren’t completely sure if it’s something that they want to do on a full time basis or if it’s just a hobby. I have a few thoughts about the hustle:

  1. Have that great idea but don’t know where to start? Listen up, you can sit down and get cooped up in looking the situation in more ways than one, but it won’t help you get ahead if you don’t take the plunge. You need to just do it because the worst that could happen is you’ll end up where you started or you will progress further than you thought you could.
  2. Don’t worry about what other people are up to! Paralysis of analysis affects masses. It happens when you get paralyzed because you’re too busy analyzing what everyone else is doing and thinking. You then lose yourself in the race and think you’re not good enough and all of a sudden your idea sounds pretty lame. Truth be told if you don’t have faith in your own ideas, no one will.
  3. Start as a side hustle and grow from there. Many people have started their dream jobs as a side hustle. i.e. employment from 8 to 5 and your own work the rest of the time. It can be tiring but then again, your prospect may grow really well that you move to it full time. Heck your own employer can end up being your first client, so think about it. The important thing though is to keep the balance right meaning giving your employer his time and keep your side hustle out of your 8 to 5 job.
  4. A hobby can easily turn to a side hustle. Think of the things you are good at, you love to do and the thing that people would pay to have you do it because they are just too lazy to do it themselves or they don’t have time to do it. Such as cooking, writing, talking to kids, playing with kids, organizing peoples travel, baking, farming, fashion, hair, household stuff, décor, painting etc
  5. Accord the side hustle the necessary time and space to grow. Use the easily available mediums you have available such as social networks, friends, church, see how the idea grows on people. You could perhaps offer the service for free initially and grow from there. Work from home and grow from there. Secure your first say 4 clients and grow from there. Who knows where you’ll land! With time, you will start generating the income that you have desired.

So, as you read this, think about what your side hustle idea may be. I got to hear about this Uni student who often goes to Zanzibar over the weekends (by bus, I don’t quite know the logistics of how) buys stuff (clothes, shoes, etc) and comes back to sell them in Nairobi to her pals. Believe it! She targets a niche each time she goes, so this time round she bought men’s clothes only and made a killing! In case you’re thinking of side hustle idea, throw it in here and let us be your feedback!

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