Need a Life Makeover?

The reason I write this post is because a cousin of mine called recently claiming he felt bored by everything. He felt eeuuuugrrrh! Whatever that means he couldn’t describe it further than that but I knew what he meant. We all at one time or another burn out from work, from our careers, literally burn out from life. It’s about not making your life your job, make you life more interesting and see where that can lead you instead. What can we do about it apart from get into a depression mode? Mmh…

1. Get a make over
So may be this sounds pretty straight forward although most people rarely do it. I sometimes bump into people I went to high school with and literally they look the same. Permed hair, pony tail, jeans and a pair of flat shoes. A makeover makes you feel like a new woman. I mean you need to feel and look different.

How? Get a haircut and drastic change of look and the heels to match! I first cut off my hair drastically in Dec 2008 and it felt wonderfully freeing. I never believed it but cutting hair gets addictive. I had always had the same look since time in memorial and this new haircut was truly a makeover. People even started noticing me more than usual! If you’re feeling even more adventurous go for the highlights too.

2. Take up a challenge you have always wanted to do but haven’t
This is because it will help you get into something refreshingly new to your mind and life. Play a sport, learn to cook, learn a language, participate in a charity event, go to driving school, write, read, study, start a business, commit to lose weight etc do it even if you do it alone. People are sometimes so afraid to do things alone, it infuriates me. But waiting around for your friends to join in may never happen so don’t waste your time.

3. Go on vacation alone
This is again time for you to get to know yourself and learn how much you have grown. Why would you go on vacation alone? You need to unwind, you need to bond with your personality, learn who you have become as a woman and what your values are. We get so lost in our careers that we forget what dreams we had, what hopes we had ever wanted. Who says you can’t get back to being you? Never mind what people say about you, heck they may think you’ve gone bonkers but stand in your focus of why you are taking this journey alone and do it!

4. Volunteer your services
There is nothing a fulfilling as giving of your services to those who need you. It’s a brilliant way to make new friends and to give back. You can volunteer on the weekends for a couple of hours, at a home, church, a project in your neighborhood, a church ministry etc Volunteering sometimes helps you discover skills and passions you never knew you had. It can often lead you to start running a program of your own that develops you as a person.

5. Surround yourself with positivity
In case you haven’t read the Secret or watched the documentary yet, please do. It’s important to keep positivity surrounding your life. Negative people will drain the life out of you like you wouldn’t believe! It’s about believing in your dreams, conceiving them in your mind and receiving. The secret encourages us to be more positive in our lives, because positivity to the world brings back positivity to your life.

It’s scary to step out of your comfort zone, don’t worry about what other people think because they are busy living their own lives while you’re watching on the side lines. It’s important to build your own happiness no one will build it. for you 🙂

Photo Credit: flaivoloka

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