Squished Boobs et al.

When did squished boobs become a fashion statement? You know the look: beautiful formal/evening dress, tight on “all the right places” and about two sizes too small for the wearer’s double wares which get squished up and out, looking like muffin tops. I’m not the most fashion forward person in the world but I at least know that when parts of your body are literally pouring out, it isn’t sexy. Or is it?

This got me thinking about other random things I’ve been wondering about like:

  1. When did it become ok to begin written sentences with the the words ‘And’ or ‘But”? I see this even in supposedly professional and serious publications like newspapers. Don’t editors read? Don’t they edit? Did the rules of grammar change in my absence?
  2. When did marriage become a destination? Specifically, when did “getting married” become a goal in life, regardless of the quality of the partnership and companionship?
  3. When did marriage/children become a cure to life? It’s possible I’m wrong but in recent years, I seem to see lots of people who view marriage as a cure to their life. I think  partnership is great but I don’t think it’s meant to be used as a stop-loss to life. I was under the impression that marriage and children were supposed to enrich our lives not cure them. Am I wrong?
  4. When did intimacy drop in value to ‘just sex?’ I’m no prude; sometimes a F*%k is just a F*%k. It just seems like ALL sexual  intimacy is now relegated to empty sex and god forbid anyone attach meaning and emotional intimacy to sex.

Anyway, there are a few random questions. I’m sure I’ll be adding more over the next few weeks, given my tendancy to daydream during my matatu commutes. Care to share yours?

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  • Naomie

    Girl, you are spot on! The English language is clearly changing, you realize this when people also begin sentences with “Me I…”
    Nice read!

  • http://www.ChickAboutTown.com Biche

    I am hearing you on #2 and #4, not so much on #1!

  • bailey

    And I agree (hehehe I just had to do it)

  • http://lily.co.ke/members/miamor/ Mia

    Hehehe….you’re wrong for that Bailey :)

  • http://lily.co.ke/members/miamor/ Mia

    And I understand :) OK, I had to do it too (thanks alot Bailey :) ) I’m glad “tuko pamoja” on at least 2 of the 4.

  • http://lily.co.ke/members/miamor/ Mia

    Naomie, me I agree with you :) OK, Bailey sambazad me her disease (see her comment). Seriously, I’m so glad to see that indeed I’m not nuts. Something’s up and it’s not right either. We don’t need to dumb down, we need to “smart up” if there ever were such words.

  • http://www.ChickAboutTown.com Biche

    Hi Ladies,

    I happened on this post again, and because I have a little more time now, allow me to share a few links about starting sentences with conjunctions.


    I don’t know if it’s so much that the rules of grammar have changed, but rather that we were stopped from doing this in grade school because the sentences that we wrote (that started with conjunctions) would have been better expressed as part of a compound or complex sentence. If done intentionally, I think there’s nothing wrong with starting a sentence with ‘and’ or ‘but’. In fact, I think it can be quite a powerful and expressive sentence construction.

    Just sharing.

  • Africangel

    Oh My goodness: I thought I was the only one who gets irritated… when did crutches and clutches come to mean the same thing? When did we start pronouncing “farmers” as “firmers”? Since when did equipment and furniture have a plural?? why is it fashionable to show off your b*** crack??? Why do we show off our panties like 5 year girls playing kati? My late mom would give you the hardest pinch she could muster if you ever did any of the above; and by the way “NO, she was not a teacher… just a very fashionable woman who knew what belonged where.

  • http://lily.co.ke/members/miamor/ Mia

    Hi Biche. Thanks for the links (and sorry for the late reply). I definitely don’t like sentences that begin with And, But, Me I etc even though I do agree they can make a difference to the reader.

  • http://lily.co.ke/members/miamor/ Mia

    Africangel, I’m ashamed at the time lapse to your comment. Many apologies…Your comment is right on the money and your farmers/firmers and plurals of certain words cracked me up. The butt crack showing is shady and disgusting. No one, NO ONE should show butt-cleavage. It’s tacky and makes your ass look even fatter regardless of whether or not it’s true. I mean, it’s obvious so how come some people didn’t get the memo? Sheesh! OK…enough venting. Thanks for your comment :)

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