Squished Boobs et al.

When did squished boobs become a fashion statement? You know the look: beautiful formal/evening dress, tight on “all the right places” and about two sizes too small for the wearer’s double wares which get squished up and out, looking like muffin tops. I’m not the most fashion forward person in the world but I at least know that when parts of your body are literally pouring out, it isn’t sexy. Or is it?

This got me thinking about other random things I’ve been wondering about like:

  1. When did it become ok to begin written sentences with the the words ‘And’ or ‘But”? I see this even in supposedly professional and serious publications like newspapers. Don’t editors read? Don’t they edit? Did the rules of grammar change in my absence?
  2. When did marriage become a destination? Specifically, when did “getting married” become a goal in life, regardless of the quality of the partnership and companionship?
  3. When did marriage/children become a cure to life? It’s possible I’m wrong but in recent years, I seem to see lots of people who view marriage as a cure to their life. I think  partnership is great but I don’t think it’s meant to be used as a stop-loss to life. I was under the impression that marriage and children were supposed to enrich our lives not cure them. Am I wrong?
  4. When did intimacy drop in value to ‘just sex?’ I’m no prude; sometimes a F*%k is just a F*%k. It just seems like ALL sexual  intimacy is now relegated to empty sex and god forbid anyone attach meaning and emotional intimacy to sex.

Anyway, there are a few random questions. I’m sure I’ll be adding more over the next few weeks, given my tendancy to daydream during my matatu commutes. Care to share yours?

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