Quarter-life Crisis

I am at a place where I don’t know anything.

Coming from someone who has always known what she wanted from life, this is scary, to say the least. Further studies, well, those have been put on hold as I decide what it is I even want to do, if there is anything I even want to do!

My job, well, let’s just say me and Job are not so in love anymore. Somewhere along the way, my love for dear Job faded. When I wake up in the morning, I don’t think fondly of Job. I don’t look forward to seeing and hanging out with Job. In fact, I confess, I’d rather hang out with Bed and TV than Job.

Moreover, I am at a stalemate with my career. It’s gotten to a point where I am even wondering why I studied what I did. It’s like some strange sort of epiphany that I am getting: was this really what I wanted to do with my life? How can I change my mind so fast when ever since I was a teenager I knew what I wanted to do? How can one year change my mind, my perspective, make me question my whole plan for my life?

At this point, nothing is appealing, well, except back-packing to Italy to become a writer and painter who plays guitar on the streets for extra cash. Seriously.

Then there is the guy area. Well, there really isn’t anyone in the horizon. Well, there are some…one I don’t feel anything for, and one I feel loads for but clearly he doesn’t feel the same way. It’s disappointing to lay all your hopes and dreams at the whim of a person then it turns out that you had it all wrong; that those hopes and dreams should not have been pegged on him, or on anyone for that matter.

Maybe this is why I feel so disillusioned. Or maybe not. I don’t even know! (Refer to the first sentence I wrote).

How does one get out of a quarter-life crisis? Is it like the mid-life crisis where a middle-aged woman suddenly wants to wear skinny jeans, go out all night and take impromptu road trips? Or like when a middle-aged man suddenly wants to chat up young girls young enough to be his daughters, pierces his ears and sags his jeans?

What do you do in a quarter-life crisis?

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  • Africangel

    Just like a rebellious horse, you just have to ride out this phase in your life. I guess anyone who has clocked 35 or 30 (if you peaked early) will tell you at a certain age you suddenly don’t want what you have and wish you had the chance to start all over again. If the urge is really strong go back to school and do something you do not usually do.. Take up new interests, read different types of books, anything to break the monotony; if the new life agrees with you, you may just get the opportunity to “start all over”. But be careful because one day you may look back and suddenly realise that you liked what you had initially and find you have gone too far on the new road to go back.

  • Mia

    You nailed it right on the head! This is actually a real phenomenon and I believe studies have been done about it. Google it and find out more…Good luck!

    PS: It never really goes away but you learn to manage better and satiate it. It also takes different forms and intensities. Listen to yourself and be proactive. Google this as well :)

  • Naomie

    Well, i am just about to reach the quarter life crisis age my self. I think you should renew your life, do new things you have always wanted to do but never did for some reason, get a new look like a new hair cut, go on a trip alone – believe it or not its quite refreshing and maybe look for another job

  • Shiro Renee

    Story of this quarter of my life.

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