A New Dawn

“It’s a new day, it’s a new dawn, it’s a new life…” or so goes the jazz song. On August 27th 2010, the new Kenyan constitution was promulgated.

PS: I finally looked up the meaning of this long, eagerly used word and according to The Collins Paperback English Dictionary, Promulgation is “1. to put into effect (a law or decree) by announcing it officially…2. to make widespread.” Now you know; you’re welcome 🙂

CONGRATULATIONS to all Kenyans for making this huge, life- altering decision. Regardless of how one voted, let’s all move FORWARD and create a new life for ourselves and our future generations.

Speaking of promulgation, it’s appears that it is also a new dawn in the telecommunication industry, what with all the fighting between Zain and Safaricom. I’m not gonna lie, I was so thrilled to see Zain land a huge blow to Safaricom. The truth is, Safaricom had become Suffericom; the bitter option for me. This may not be the most original line but gosh, it precisely and consisely expresses my feelings toward Safaricom. This company had become so arrogant and complacent but I stuck it out because I didn’t think there was a better option; I simply didn’t trust Zain and definitely wasn’t sure about YU.

Now that the battle has begun, I can’t wait to see the changed landscape when the dust finally settles. Until then, I’ll be getting my Zain line as soon as I can figure out how to get my exact number with a different dialing code (0722/0733 etc). Now, if only I could finally get a hold of a dual-sim phone or better yet, triple sim.

For Kenya AND the Kenyan Telecommunications industry, it really is a wonderful world.

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