Kenya’s 2nd Colonization

What’s up with Kenyans’ obsession with all things American???

Case in point 1: Why on earth do we price things in US Dollars? I mean, when Kenya Airways advertises flights in USD, is that their way of telling us that they’re now “The Pride of America”? I know we have a lot of foreigners living here or travelling here but surely, does that mean that we must now ape what they do, say and are?

Is it just me or didn’t we already go through this obsession in the mid to late 90’s? I remember it like it was yesterday: Kenyans would flock the embassy (at the time, located in the city center) in the wee hours of the morning only to be met with cold, steely eyes. It was like a lottery into ‘heaven’, and those who didn’t get in felt like losers. I thought that whole mess had calmed down a bit but I realize now that it has only begun.

Case in point 2: Our constitution. Before you toss the rotten tomatoes, allow me to say this: our constitution seems to be a shameless copy of the American constitution. My issue is not in the actual passing of the constitution. It’s in the wording and structure. We may (or may not) need a new constitution but why must it be so Americanized.

This is really what I’m irritated about: we, as Kenyans, don’t seem to have a sense of national pride. We can say “Najivunia” blah blah blah but in reality, we’re desperate to look like them – whoever and whatever they may be. We want to wear what they wear, eat what they eat, talk the way they talk even if it sounds so damn fake (some cases excluded though).

We may complain about being colonized but at the risk of sounding I-donno-what, let me say that our first colonization was not our choice but our second colonization surely is.

When will we as Kenyans stand up and truly and proudly be counted?

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