Cell phone Decorum @Work

This particular post is brought on because of a fellow colleague here in my office. We were all rather busy into our work, hitting keyboards  and there it goes. The loudest ringtone I had ever heard in our open plan office space.

Rule No. 1: When at work there’s really no need to have your ring tone at volume 5 with a tone from some bump and grind hit song from last year. The single beep or vibrate works just as good. Loud crazy ring tones serves no good for anyone because we as your colleagues get distracted and we immediately have random thoughts of what sort of a person you actually are since you have that particular tone. She grabs her cell phone and lets it ring a little longer in her hands. What exactly is the purpose of this? We all have cellphones there really isn’t any need to seek attention.

Rule No 2: “Hey sweeeeeeetie! Baiibee, sema…. aaaawwh…” she says excitedly while giggling rather loudly. There is no need to begin a conversation at the work place like this especially when it seems like all you are trying to do is get the rest of us to stop working and focus on you. There goes concentration out the window, I guess we have no choice but to listen in on the conversation. After a few “mmhs” “aaahs” “eeehs” She sounds mad and her voice starts going higher and higher. “HOW DARE YOU!” she shouts, possibly forgetting she’s in the office.

Rule No 3:  Keep the drama out of the office, I mean we don’t really need to know you have drama let alone what it’s about. She starts frowning, rather upset but this time she is trying to keep her cool since people are now noticing that there is something up. When a personal conversation gets heated at your work place you always have the option of telling the caller that you will have to talk later after work because you are busy. Save face and keep your drama at home. She hangs up and shoves the phone on her desk. The caller decides to call her back, more bump and grind volume 5 behind the scenes and she stares at the phone. “Kwani she’s been dumped on the phone?” we all began to wonder, throwing a few stares her way and at each other.

Rule No 4: Off button on your cell phone is there to be used every now and then. “What??!” she says as she picks. “No” “Why” “I can’t” “No” “On Saturday” the one word answering goes on for a short time after which she hungs up less angrier at the caller this time but still looking ticked off. Mmmh I guess he sweet talked her, now that we are all involved in the drama I may as well contribute something to make the story seem more interesting in my head.

Rule No 5: “Jane can you believe that guy, haki these men, I hate them all aaahhhh!!Don’t involve fellow office members in your domestics it’s never cool in any way at all, its plain tacky. Jane stares at her wondering what the heck she is on. Colleagues will only end up wondering if you are crazy and honestly they don’t care about your drama, they have their own issues they are dealing with.

Let’s stick to the beep and vibrate while in the office, they work just as good. I guess all I’m asking is: “Je, huu ni ungwaaana?

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  • Africangel

    Well some vbratones are so powerful they distract you anyway, desk shaking, pinging vibratones. Better to create an office profile, something soft, not too distracting to others. And I agree either vacate the office to sort out your domes but never, ever involve the office folk. But the women love to hear the gossip – just so they back stab you later… ;-)

  • bailey

    You raise a very good point. Thank God our office is not open plan so I can have some weird ringtone but really, people in the office don’t need to know all your personal issues.
    I say keep personal and professional lives separate.

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