The fashion world has been taken over by a particular item this season: the leggings. Let us face it, this is a very comfortable garment which can be easily dressed down, and dressed up with just the help of a few accessories. No wonder it has take then world by storm.

jeggingsHowever another garment has now hit the stores, which is definitely competing for the spotlight! Enter the jeggings. If you have never heard the term before, do not worry, this is a term many might still be unfamiliar with. Jeggings are essential a style of leggings, in particular the denim leggings. The term has been coined by merging the word ‘jeans’ and ‘leggings’… hence jeggings!

Jeans are a staple item in everyone’s wardrobe these days, though some women might find jeans to be a bit uncomfortable at times. On days when feeling bloated, many women complain that their jeans feel too tight at the waist. The zipper at times also feels uncomfortable, and at times actually ruins the fabric of tight fitting tops, when the fabric rubs against the exposed zipper. So although jeans are a favorite, there is definitely room for improvement.

That’s where jeggings come in. They offer a lot of comfort, and some women might actually be ready to ditch their jeans and switch to leggings, especially if they are into skinny jeans. Jeggins come in many different variations, fabrics and tones. You can find dark blue one, light blue, acid wash styles, as well as black denim jeggings. Some type of jeggings are made out of real denim, whilst other are made from soft touch fabric, so they look like jeans, but are actually much more comfortable and smooth.

Furthermore, there are some styles of jeggings which include the thread and stitching details a regular pair of jeans would, including for instance fake stitching at the back to mimic back pockets. Then there are other styles which are completely stitching free.

There are various types of jeggings on the market nowadays, and the more time passes the more styles are being created. Jeggings can definitely be a breath of fresh air to women who like regular jeans but find them uncomfortable. Of course they definitely make a nice extra addition to all female closets.

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