An obsession with fads

Human psychology shall forever remain a mystery to me, it’s funny how our minds are tricked into doing something because others are doing it, or because you will be considered cool once you do it. When it comes to fashion, there are items which seem to flood the market over a certain period of time. Our minds are tricked into purchasing these items because everyone across the globe seems top have one and we don’t want to be left behind. I have to admit that women are the worst victims when it comes to fashion fads, we spend so much money buying something that we will only wear for a few months and if you happen to be a laggard you’ll probably get to wear them a couple of times.

Sometimes those items that are considered to be in fashion are not suitable for everyone, yet we still insist on buying them anyway. For example the jumpsuit seems to have crawled back from the cave it went to in the early 90s or was it late 80s. I think the only girl who looks good in a jump suit is one who’s is petite, if you know you are above size 10 don’t even think of purchasing one, no offense to the big girls am a size 12 and I am yet to see anyone my size looking good in a jump suit.

Last year there was a yellow breakout and suddenly every woman’s favourite colour seemed to be yellow, from head bands, to earrings to clothes, shoes you name it there seemed to be one in yellow. Yellow is a very bright colour and one should be very careful when matching head to toe yellow, especially if you have got very dark skin. The yellow outbreak according to my rating was the worst fashion fad in the last decade, unless you can come up with others.

rihanna's mohawk hairstyleThe Mohawk hairdo is another fad which was completely abused; sometimes I thought there was a peacock or even a real Mohawk walking in front of me. I have to admit the hair do is quite good if it’s on the right head. Not all shapes can handle a Mohawk; I think some hair designers should be sued for allowing their clients to look so ridiculous it’s a hilarious, but pitiful site at the same time.

I thought monster bags were a fad but boy was I wrong, I think they get bigger and uglier by the season. I do own a big bag but not big enough to carry a human in it. My bag fits everything I need so I fail to understand what women carry in these bags, could someone please tell me?

I believe that everyone should create an identity, it is not wrong to get engulfed in fads but make sure it is something you look good and feel good in. Having you own style makes you one of a kind and not just part of the list, and at the same time it reduces the pressure of having to own what every other woman in the world owns.

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  • Joliea

    Not a fan of fads. Not a fan of big bags. Definitely hate the mo-hawk!!

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