So much for my happy ending…

I’m not a big believer in internet dating, even though I’ve met a lot of loved ones that way. The whole concept just seems contrived and artificial. Though, for the record, I’m not big on offline dating agencies either.

It’s a bit different when you’re not going online specifically to find a mate. I found the love of my life on a website for writers, and what started out as an exchange of style and prose ended up in a beautiful relationship.

This story – the one I’m about to tell – started with a pretty girl looking for a dance partner. The reason she couldn’t find one offline is that she’s tall. Really, really tall. Naomi Campbell in spiked heels is a dwarf to her kind of tall.

The girl’s name is Keisha, and she’s 6 foot 5.

Keisha wanted to find someone to dance with for … whatever reason. The online stories don’t say. She went on a site for tall people, and a guy named Wilco responded to her question with ‘I’m 7 feet tall, is that enough?’

Years later, the couple are happily married with two beautiful [and  extremely tall] multicoloured babies.

What I like about this story is that it reminds me of My Love, who’s 6 foot 3 of pure vanilla. It also shows me that it’s possible to beat the odds if you just take a risk.

Lots of supermodels end up marrying short pudgy men because the tall guys are busy hooking up with tiny girls. [And also because short pudgy men have lots of money. It’s all in the Napoleon complex.]

I like the story because Keisha took a chance and put herself out there, and by taking a risk, she nabbed herself one of the few guys outside NBA that’s taller than her.

I’m sure that their fairytale wasn’t without black spots. But the tabloids found nothing to hate on, so the couple must be very discreet, a key thing in any successful marriage.

I’m also sure they had to learn to blend, to get along, to curl into one another’s lives. They couldn’t be the perfect couple just because they’re both tall! They had to put together different backgrounds, lifestyles, families, in-laws, not to mention race issues. But somehow, they made it work.

And their happy ending became even happier when they made into the Guiness book of records. That comes with a cash prize, doesn’t it?

The morals of this story are many:

  1. Take a chance. Put yourself out there. Let potential lovers see you. You don’t have to chase them, but you have a better shot if they don’t have to crawl under rocks to find you. After they’ve spotted you – then you can make them jump hoops and crawl rocks.
  2. There’s someone for everyone who’s looking. Granted the male-female ratio is worrying, and in places like China, it’s the other way around. But the ratio is resolved by nuns, celibate priests, and polygamists. Plus, some hot singles just don’t want to be married. So for those who want one-spouse relationships, the men are out there. If a girl could find a mate at 6 foot 5, sembuse wewe?
  3. It’s possible to find love on the internet. Keisha did, and so did I 😀
  4. Being tall is good for more than just the NBA.
  5. You can find absolutely anything on the internet, and that’s not always a bad thing.

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