Bubbling Under

Agnes and I had been friends for so long, to an extent that there were no secrets between us. It was a sisterly relationship to say the least. I trusted Agnes for so long until she decided that this was no longer what she had bargained for.

I had been having issues with my self esteem and other things in my life that I was struggling with. My father had just abandoned us and my mother and I had been kicked out of the “posh” life that we were used to. We had to start again from scratch which is not easy for anyone. We had been living from hand to mouth and it was a situation I had no control over. I decided to take the role of breadwinner of the family since my mother was pregnant by the time we were kicked out. It was a tough time for us and Agnes had been there all along.

On one night she told me that she wanted us to go clubbing, and of course I was up to it. At last to take my mind off things for a while. She had either left out a minor detail or she had told me the distorted truth about whom, where we would be clubbing, because I remember her telling me that her boyfriend was picking her up. It was already past ten o’clock and I was still wondering if we were really going out. Half an hour later, he came. To my surprise he was not the one driving but some guy who I had no clue whom he was. As we approached the car, Agnes said Hi to him until he asked “Huyu ndio ulikuwa unaniambia?”(Is she the one you were telling me about?). I had no clue what he was talking about.

I pulled Agnes aside and asked her, “Aggy, what is he talking about?” She looked at me as if I was talking in Greek. “Hey Sam(short for Samantha),he is just a friend of my boyfriend and he was looking for a girlfriend and plus I think you need a man to take care of your family and at least to give you money to take care of your mum, at least mkule poa(eat well),”she said without blinking an eye.

I couldn’t believe that she had just pimped for me. I went back to the car and told the two men that I wanted to get my jacket from the house. I left and never came back.

beer in a glassAgnes was not through yet. We went clubbing the following day but this time they found me there, her and a couple of her friends. As my habit, I had never left a beer or a soft drink before I finished it. This time I just left, visited the ladies and came back. Somehow my gut instinct was working. I asked Agnes, “Mbona beer yangu ikona povu nyingi hivyo? (Why does my beer have so much foam?).She looked at me so surprised and told me, “Ni meza imeshake” (We shook the table by mistake).

I did not buy that truth; it was so good to be true. I asked the bar tender for another drink, suddenly, Agnes retorted back,” Haiya, unawaste hiyo beer?”)You’re wasting that beer?). I looked at her and told her, “Ukitaka weh kunywa” (If you want it, drink it). In a millisecond it hit me that something rather crafty was going on. I drank the last of my beer and told Agnes that I had to go to the ladies. I took all my belongings and left that instant switched my phone off and went to bed.

The nerve of Agnes was to come home the following morning and ask me why I left. I looked at her so clueless I felt like I would puke on her. My silence was so irritating until she told me, “Sam aki pole, Jana hao maboy tulikwa nao walinishow nikuwekee kitu kwa drink ndio uende nao.Nikaweka halafu wakanipea thao,” (Am so sorry Sam, but the guys we were with asked me to spike your drink so that you would leave with them and then they gave me a thousand shillings).

All my guts were in my throat and I felt like throwing up. The only words I could muster were, “Get the hell out of my life Aggy.” I kicked her out of my life because I could not believe she could do that to me. What more had she done that I was not aware of? I just had no space to take her crap anymore. I thanked my guardian Angel for looking out for me, and my brains of course, but she just had reached the breaking point and couldn’t take it anymore, until a few months later she decided to re-appear in my life again.

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