Wear boots and look good in them!

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Over the last century only one type of shoe has remained timeless in a woman’s wardrobe, the boot. The boot has been around since the 16th and 17th century and was mainly worn in the North America due to rough terrain. However it was popularized by the American cowboys in the 18th century and up to today it is widely associated with the Wild Wild West.

Over the years the boot has evolved, and once worn out of necessity has become a fashion item in our wardrobes. Boots come in various materials, shapes and sizes but over the years there have been three main designs of the boot: knee length, ankle length and thigh length.

ankle bootsAt least one in every five women owns a pair or pairs of boots, but we tend to wear them all wrong or not wear them at all because we are confused on what to pair them up with. Here are a few tips on which boot to wear with what.

Ankle length boots
These kinds of boots are best worn with skinny jeans especially if they round toe or sharp pointed. The box shaped ones can be paired up with a pair of formal office pants. Another way to wear this kind of boots is to wear them with short skirt/ dress (just above the knee) paired with black or opaque tights.

Ankle length boots are however not suitable for short people as the make calves appear thicker and legs shorter.

Knee length boots
knee high bootsThis is probably the best boot design and with very few limitations. They can be worn with skinny jeans, best over skinny jeans. They can also be worn with skirts and dresses both long and short. They also look very chic and sexy when worn with shorts paired with stockings for that night out.

However you should avoid wearing the knee length boots with baggy clothing as it creates a ballooning effect and I’m sure no woman wants that.

Thigh high boots
Thigh High BootsThis is a design full of controversy and you are sure to get a few heads turning when wearing them. Thigh high boots have long been associated so much with dominatrix and eroticism, but that should not stop you from wearing them.

The best way to wear them is to pair them with shorts or over skinny jeans. However, to look best in them, buy those that go just above the knee not the kind that go all the way to the waist, as they may send out the wrong message.

Taking all those tips into consideration, wear your boots the right way and stop doing so much injustice to this timeless shoe.

Author: Njoki Kiunga
Bio: I am a 21 old college graduate who loves fashion. Iam always on the look out for fashion crimes and I love to correct them where I can.

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