My Brother’s Wedding

legs and heelsIt was my brothers wedding Saturday. I looked fab (oh yes I did) and had the killer heels to match. We went to pick up the bride and in my lofty position of master time keeper I tottered over to the bride’s driver to inform him the bridal party would be exiting the house in five. This was her day and he absolutely needed to be ready.

And as I tottered over ….I fell down. I’d like to say there was some grace to it but sadly there was none. I crashed to my mother’s feet. And guess what… she didn’t help me up. Nope. She was too busy on the phone giving directions. Priorities right! I lay-cum-sat there, ankle horribly twisted, dress unbecomingly hiked up (thankfully I was wearing long support underwear that can, from a distance, look like thick biker pants) as this woman, who so often claimed to be my mother because she had labored over 48 hours to deliver me, kept jabbering away on the phone!

I was helped up by a lovely couple I did not know and quickly propped up and out of the way as the bridal party glided to the waiting cars. From my vantage point I could just about see their lovely shoes and with tears in my eyes I came to the shocking realization that
a) I’d sadly have to change my shoes to a semi killer heel variety, and
b) Mums don’t feel our pain. They can in fact be strangely distant!!

With expertly bandaged foot (there’s so much one can learn from reality TV) and loaded on painkillers I – she woman – drove myself to the wedding. Half an hour later I am seated at the wedding ceremony on time… and showed the young bloods a thing or two at the evening party. My sisters and I got home in the wee hours of Sunday morning danced out and euphoric.

It’s Monday morning and I’m supposed to be getting ready for work. Everything has worn off and my ankle has taken on a strange bluish hue I never knew my skin capable of. Perhaps it is finally time to see a doctor?

Was bearing the pain worth it? Absolutely and I have a lovely unbudgeted new pair of semi killer shoes to prove it.

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