Cleavage Spillage

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cleavage‘If you got it flaunt it’ that’s one of the new age sayings. Well not everything should be flaunted at least not in my books of fashion. Am talking about cleavage, call me old fashioned, backward or whatever you wish but I like to consider myself conservative. I have nothing against showing off a bit off bust cleavage its actually flattering especially during a girl’s night out, cocktail parties or other funky events. Bust cleavage will be totally unflattering if your twins are spilling off your outfit and that isn’t a pretty sight.

Although we like talking about freedom of expression and freedom of dressing sometimes we go beyond boundaries and end up looking clueless when it comes to dressing sexy. Just because you saw it on a window of a boutique and loved it, it doesn’t mean that it fits.

Now that I am talking about cleavage, I also have a big problem with ‘butt’ cleavage; I fail to understand why anyone in their right mind would walk around showing off their lower cleavage. It’s funny how we are convinced that we look good in those low rise jeans, yet walking in them is a problem. You cannot even pick up anything or sit down without showing off your cleavage.

It does not matter if you look like Beyonce’s twin or Jennifer Lopez’s long lost cousin, strutting your stuff along the busy streets of Nairobi, but so long as your butt ‘crack’ I mean cleavage is showing, you don’t look so good.

Just because it looks goods on the model in the fashion magazine, and you saw it in the shop’s window display, doesn’t mean it fits, so please don’t try to squeeze yourself in jeans or tops/dresses that are a size smaller. ‘No one will notice’ we like to convince each other or ourselves, but some things like cleavage spillage cannot go unnoticed , especially if they are parts which define the WOMAN.

Next time you go shopping make sure you buy clothes which fit, ask for an opinion from your friends and look at yourself at the mirror. As a friend give honest opinions, be your sisters keeper, and with the right fitting clothes you will definitely get glances for all the right reasons.

By Njoki Kiunga. Njoki is a 21 year old lady just graduated from college. She loves fashion and is always on the look out for people committing crimes of fashion and loves to correct them where she can.

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  • Joliea

    I am in complete agreement!

  • Africangel

    Am in total agreement, its all very well when its between you and your hubby but keep the low cuts out of church, office and any other place where serious business is happening. Also remember the African behind is generally much larger than any other so be careful what ou squeeze it into. You may kust end up looking ridiculous.

  • Joyce

    Nice article, ladies beware of what u wear.

  • wakarima

    i sure do agree, I saw a girl with a triple D bust with the whole thing spillin out, plus she is an apple, a real eyesore

  • Elsie

    Sooo much on point… cant b put any better :)

  • Mwesh

    Totally true…..I do have a huge bust and trust me nothing called the twins spills out…..its embarrassing especially if you have to take public means and you have to bend over to get to the last seat at the back of the car….all the goodies wanna spill out….not interesting at all. Yes I agree, keep the twins on a leash and in a pound,its not a public affair.

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