Beware of scoundrels

Its dusk

A young woman is on her way to catch a mat happy to be on her way home. She is walking with a man who she thinks of as her ‘protector ‘ just in case after all it’s not like anything ever happens, maybe to other people never to her.

Chatting animatedly to her companion, the young girl has no idea what lies ahead of her. It’s quite a stretch to this particular stage but no worries there is lots of traffic around though it’s quite dark now, almost there.

No incident yet.

Looking behind her as if by premonition, she spots five or so men walking towards them hurriedly. Since it’s not unusual on this particular road, she pays no attention. She doesn’t even tell her companion. Nothing ever happens.

Too bad.

*&%£^@! that is what she sees when the blow lands. The next thing she knows she is on the ground wrestling with a guy who is struggling to get her bag. Another shouts ‘Wachilia bag ama tukudunge

Where is her companion? Her ‘protector’?

The guy is nowhere to be seen you would be forgiven to think she was walking alone. He ran off fearing for his life. Self preservation always comes first.

Motorists are watching a free live movie as they are seated safely in their cosy cars. Some are already saying she deserves it. Sure enough one conductor is kind enough to say it to her face ‘ulikua unado what ukitembea huku usiku peke yako?’ he queries. The kindest one tells her to let it go and at least says the coolest word of the moment ‘pole’. All this at the safety of their mats.

That word again, self preservation.

That is what happens in our beloved Nairobi. Nobody can lift a finger to help when someone is getting robbed, mugged etc. Instead it becomes a spectacle to behold and later a juicy tale to tell all.

I learnt the hard way, that young girl was me.

Many days past am still get over it. Though I wasn’t physically injured, am scared of the dark and I get terrified when I hear footsteps behind me in broad daylight. To call it a bad experience is an understatement.

When the media advises us to avoid some places especially after dark e.g. Forest Rd, Globe Cinema etc. they mean exactly that. Well my umakmende died that day in trauma. I understood my friend though he did a cowardly thing by running off in the name of self preservation. I laugh at him every chance I get.

Kindly add to the list of red zones on the comments section and share your experiences too. It helps.

Unless you have yourself some piece of steel and a licensed one for that matter, avoid these places people!

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  • Mia

    OMG…I’m so sorry to hear that this happened to you. No one deserves it and shame on those people who didn’t even bother to help. This is one of my greatest fears in Nai and I hope it doesn’t happen to anyone.

    My cousin – a military guy – was mugged near City Hall, Nai, (I think this is the street between KICC and City Hall) in a pretty violent manner; they knocked him out COLD before robbing him. Be careful when walking these mean streets.

    Feel better soon :)

  • Mwesh

    Schucks really sorry for what happened to you.and so real.A friend and I were from a late lunch at around 6.30 headed 7pm(I thank God for this but felt so bad for my friend).I was holding my phone walking texting like crazy as I usually do and then from no where a guy grabbed her bag(he actually ignored me,like passed me like he knew where he was going),grabbed my friends bag and disappeared in the manhole between Uchumi(westlands)and the main road.So after screaming(oooh and the climax,there was a cop controlling traffic),and seeking help,four cops(we have no clue where the heck they came from)but yah they came,by that time it was already 10pm,oooh yeah,that long waiting for cops.When they arrived 1st they are so drunk(the stench from their mouths is awful)they told us to go to Parklands police.I was so frightened because the way they talked to us was so creepy.Matters worse they insisted we walk with them,no way.In my gut I felt they were up to something.Anyway in short it was terrible.So those streets are a no go zone to be avoided.Up to today,my friend does not come to westlands unless she has to…..

  • bailey

    I’m so sorry for all your experiences. Nairobi is getting more unsafe even as so-called surveys and research findings claim that there is a reduction in crime.
    Self-preservation is important but I say only God protects us.

  • Suki

    #Mia thank you am well now and thanks to this experience am on high alert always you should see me in town clutching at my bag :-D. Hope your cousin is ok, pole kwake.
    #Ruth sorry to hear what you and your friend went through. I too was mugged while traffic cops went about their business, they told me to go record a statement at the station without bothering to ask if I was ok so dont dare put your hope in cops.
    #Bailey you nailed it whoever they get their data from must be living in Mars or something not in Nairobi. Sadly its a case of man for himself, God for us all

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