Of Men vs Women [Part 4]

Its one of those Wednesdays.

Shirley is busy packing her numerous belongings into her hand bag while bidding her colleagues good evening. She often thinks of quitting this Bank Teller job, but some days stand out more than most. Like today for instance. It takes 4 days for a cheque to mature! Simple and Clear. So why would a grown up man, bring his ugly face to the bank two days later!? As if that’s not enough, claim that the bank is too slow, and try to debate bank policy with her, a mere bank Teller!?

Anyway, thank God the day is over. Hopefully Becky will have some juicy stories to cheer her up with when they meet up in 15 minutes. “Oops!” she exclaims, glancing at her watch. She’s already late. She bends down to trace her high heels. She finds one, squeezes her right foot into it while scanning her booth for the other. It’s nowhere to be found, again! She knows who the culprit is.

She limps into James’s booth and there it is. “Not funny Jaymo!” She hisses, while painfully putting it on. Seriously, is her left foot bigger than her right? She wonders for the hundredth time. No way, it must be these damn shoes. Why can’t Jaymo just grow a pair and ask her out instead of playing these stupid games?

It’s been a crazy Wednesday!

A day out of the office is more than just a treat for Stan. Meeting his favorite client, spending almost half the day with Lindsey trying to understand their family business has been a ball. She might be in her late thirties but God knows that woman is beautiful.

He has until 8:30 tomorrow morning to submit his branding proposal. Cruel as he always is, Mike the art director decides to take half the afternoon debating a bloody logo. With only two hours left in the day, Stan knows he will be working late. It’s 4:30 pm, only two slide shows done and more research to be done. “Oops!” he exclaims, noticing the time on his Mac. He won’t be able to meet up with Dee. He should have called her earlier but what the hell. He can’t deal with her whining now so a simple text should do.

“Hey Dee. Tied up @ the ofis, crazy client. Wil make it up 2 u, prmise. Lv u :)”

Its 8:30 pm. Shirley bids Becky farewell at the bus stage with a fond hug, promises to call her tomorrow about the weekend movie plot, and boards the bus.

Oh damn! Its almost full. Shirley likes it when she’s one of the first people on a bus. That way she gets to choose her spot. Now all the good window seats are taken. Only one available and she knows why. It’s just above the rear tires, which means a bumpy ride. She just had fries so God help her stomach. She settles in, and gets out her phone to call Becky and see if she managed to get a ‘mathree’ home. That
girl will have to move out of Eastlands some day.

Laptop bag hoisted on his shoulder, Stan briskly walks out of the office, hoping to get the last bus home just this once. It’s going to be a long night spent not sleeping. Hopefully the two litre coke he bought yesterday is still intact, if Tom his roommate didn’t have another ‘visitor’ that is. That dude will have to get himself a job soon coz this is just getting out of hand. A little reserve with the fridge items would be welcome when Stan is the one purchasing everything in there! Anyway…

He takes out his phone and dials Mike’s number.

Thank God Becky got herself a ‘mathree’. Actually thank that ‘Kange’ who is obviously hoping for some form of reward for helping Becky jump to the front of the line. Cheeky Smile.

“Life’s great. Couldn’t be doing better!”

Yeah right! Just last week he was telling her how miserable he was without her. Cliff is just pathetic. What had she seen in this guy? Becky has to see this.

“Sup swty, hebu chk tht idiot’s stts updt on fbk!”

Phewx! One more minute and he would have missed this last seat.

“Yeah, I get it Mike. But right now I seriously need that template otherwise MD will slice my throat open tomorrow….. Please dude, even if you have to find a cyber café….ok, try your neighbor then….just find a way to send it to me tonight please!….Ok. Thank You!”

Ugh! Mike sucks! Sigh.

“OMG!! Becky! U wnt bliv who jst sat nxt 2 me!”

To be continued…

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