Simply Flourish: The Uniqueness of a Woman

You are unique – your affections, tastes, appetites, execution style etc. God built you with love and with particular care.

You are delicate, sensitive, absorbent. You are spirit, soul and body. You are a receptor – very open to external stimuli; a flower (sensitive intuitive expressive reflective) therefore guard your space and environments very carefully and diligently (constantly watchful)

You are a “wombed” man (emotional, physical, spiritual wombs). Each of these brings forth life/fruit.
Your design is in-born : you have a unique ‘circuitry’ to women – progesterone and oestrogen, minimal body hair, softer voice, reproductive system, thought processes etc. You were born with the organs that help you fulfill that function. Your design is to bear the offspring of the human race, whereas the man is seed provider for procreation.

An Enhancer
As enhancer you are a co-leader to help the man accomplish what you were both created to do. You take who the man is and has and them extend and enlarge it.

You are also a companion to the man so he isn’t alone; “aloneness” isn’t a good thing. To “companion” means to accompany attend even to guide…now there’s something there. Thus our intuitive sense, the 6th sense which men so badly need.

You are good for the man. When He made you He knew what a man needed. When you are made for something/one, you have within you all that they will need.

You are the man’s helper. You are there to assist him. You come fully equipped to help. You can still have your own interests and develop your abilities but share the same vision as your source, whether single or married.

You are adaptable to him
. You easily take on his environment. What is he feeding you? It can be a blessing or a danger. Be careful that you don’t open yourself up to every environment! Whatever the male gives off or gives out, the female around him will generally adapt to.

Based on the Quality of the soil in which you are planted, it determines your Health and Nature. If a man doesn’t like your “colours”, (manifestations), he should change the nutrients/poison he is watering you with.

A Reflector
You will always reflect the way you are treated by a man – a male in authority near you: whether your father, husband, boss, pastor etc.

You were born to be loved. You are designed to receive love. To be the object of love and then reflect that love outwards. You function on Love. It is your Fuel. Without it you can’t function well! Love fulfills you. When you are loved you come alive If not your nature is being abused and you wither. If you can be given Love, all other problems and potential mishaps in life will be sorted out. You will be functioning properly.

Love to you is expressed through Affection. A man’s logical approach to life is then read as coldness. There is a way that you RECEIVE love as a woman. And there’s a way YOU, specifically/individually recognize your “Brand” of Love. What reads like Love to you?!

You are to be cherished – set apart in a special position, cared for daily, valued as a priceless gem. Things that would hurt or destroy you are to be kept away from you. When you receive such Love you will reflect it in your countenance, your outlook in life and your interactions with others. This will in turn build your SELF ESTEEM. You always reflect the love or lack of love you receive from a man.

Women need to be treated with kindness and consideration so that the nature God gave them will not be quenched.

You represent the Nature of the man. “You can tell what the men in our society are like by observing their women”. A man reveals the kind of man he is by what the woman in his life is like. If you want to know what a man is like, don’t look at the man, look at the woman who is reflecting him!

If a woman is always grouchy, sad, depressed, worried it often means she’s simply reflecting the treatment she is receiving from the male/s in her environment.

A woman should be able to grow in grace and become better as a result of being around a man.

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