Much ado about nothing, you say? Well if Integrity isn’t that big a deal in society why do we vilify those caught cheating or playing the field? It seems to be the latest fad in the media whenever one’s word is doubted or someones hand is caught in the cookie jar…

Integrity will speak a lot for our Character. It speaks about our basic nature…our value system…the things we stand for (or won’t stand for). It is tied to Consistency (what you see is what you get). Do we keep your word? Are there areas in our lives we can honestly admit to weaknesses and shortcomings without a defense/excuse? Can people trust our response on a certain matter or do goal posts shift with us?

When we critically analyse our relationships with this as the yardstick, we are not surprised then that there is so much mistrust among us because no one seems credible. You meet someone and when they are well-mannered or hospitable, you look for the ‘catch‘: wondering when the shoe will fall, when they will catch you off guard and stab you in the back, or take your closely guarded secret and scream it from the rooftops. A close friend confides that she has found few who are consistent in their lives; so much scheming and underhandedness seems to be the order of the day. Our politicians say one thing today and join the next camp tomorrow for political mileage, some of our spiritual leaders ‘preach water and drink wine’, civil servants in public office whose mandate it is to be of service to the public are sometimes found AWOL during office hours when their service is so critical, ‘matatu’ conductors promise their passengers safe travel to their an eventual destination/s, only to drop them off unceremoniously halfway through the journey on a whim or because of making a quick buck!

Any relationship will do well to have Integrity as one of its foundational tenets. People of Integrity will always be there, focused, true, steadfast, strong, unmoved by the current ‘in thing’. It builds Trust and confidence, keeps friends and increases your self esteem- you always know where you stand with them. They are real.

If we approached our friendships and marriages, jobs/careers with this attitude in mind, many disappointments, heartbreaks and revenges would be avoided. We would be so much more effective; in fact, I daresay, the state of our societies would benefit greatly from such a mindset!!! Theres no hassle because you know where you stand with so-and-so, they deliver exactly what they say they will when they said they would. Doesn’t that make for a satisfied arrangement?

The power to believe in someone’s “staying power” will come from their consistent responses to challenges and situations in life. In Consistency lies the Power!!! Isn’t that a relief? Knowing that fences will not be changed on you, no matter what you do. Then you can just simply relax, be yourself and have a whale of a time in your relationships.

Kudos, to the men and women of Integrity, who go against the tide…

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Christine is passionate about working with high achieving women who are not where they want to be. She teaches them how to communicate with Confidence and Clarity towards Personal Fulfillment, Living Passionately and impacting their world. An Events Management Consultant and Motivational Speaker, she is an avid reader and enjoys making friends, travelling, the theatrical arts and cookery. "Entertainia" is her middle name...