When You Go To Rome…

I’m seated on the couch one Saturday morning, having my breakfast and watching crazy cartoons. This particular one gets my attention; the setting is in ancient times. The men are fighting and killing each other in these nice gladiator shoes and even after the repetitive in between commercials, I keep thinking about those gladiators. (Yes, it’s all about the shoes).

Later in the afternoon walking around the malls, I see the same gladiators. The gladiator shoe fashion trend came a few seasons ago but they were initially there since the ancient Roman time. Back then they were serious business but a bit limited to a more masculine look.

Many centuaries later, the gladiators are now in more flexible feminine styles which are infinitely more flattering to the legs and to fashion. They come in different styles such as; the small metallic version, others are ornate bejeweled sandals that go well with evening occasions but there are two main types; the high- heeled gladiators and flat gladiator sandals.

The high heeled gladiators have a very edgy look. Most of the heeled gladiators are accented with cool looking details like metallic studs, buckles, zippers and straps. New in the collection are the knee high gladiators and wedges. The wedges are a perfect alternative when you are thinking more of comfort, without sacrificing the ultra sassy appeal. They do great for the nice sunny days with floral dresses and outfits with feminine designs. The flat gladiator sandals are a substitute to flip flops; they give a sexy look compared to flip flops and are very versatile because they can be worn with a variety of outfits.

Apart from the fact that gladiators go with almost every outfit, they are also light and leave room to air the feet. The material used on them is durable therefore unlike other shoes they are longer lasting. When you consider your fashion sense, when you team your gladiators with a simple outfit; slim jeans and an elegant top or a dress top, they make you look extremely sizzling and sensual. Consider balance when you are putting together your outfit. Since gladiators exude an edgy, you can balance it out with delicate outfit colors like cream and nude colors.

As much as gladiators give your feet a great look and your outfit ensemble an even greater look, and you feel like a goddess every time you put them on and strut down the street, remember not to over wear them. Eventually when you wear gladiators for such a long period the metallic details and straps end up wearing out your feet and sometimes leaving permanent marks on your ankle or feet.

One last reminder is that when you wear gladiators you should also pay close attention to foot care, make sure your feet look presentable; a good occasional pedicure will work the magic.

Rome can be anywhere, so when you go to Rome…wear gladiators! That means take out that gladiator shoe and let the goddess in you come to life.

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  • http://joliea.wordpress.com Joliea

    I thought that gladiators zimeanza kuwa obsolete?? Ama??

    Anyhoo, they look great and I will be looking for a pair sometime soon.

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