Woman: The Superior Being

I watched Maina Kageni on Capital Talk on K24 (Oooool Kenyan, Oooool the time don’t you just love Jeff Koinange?) and what I was hearing was complaints, complaints, and more complaints. According to Maina men are letting their women down and the ladies are complaining to Maina now the hubbys are complaining about Maina.

What is it that men in our society are doing wrong? Women are complaining everywhere the young and old alike. I can remember growing up I was constantly reminded how men are devious and liars, that they tell you everything you want to hear but they rarely mean it. It goes without saying that I grew up keeping men at arm’s length, sceptic of their intentions it didn’t matter if they were genuine. Let’s just say I know better now that I have met a few.

So what are we women doing about it? Why do we let men trample us like door mats? In the Garden of Eden, God created Eve to be Adam’s helper, companion and for procreation and if you remember clearly Eve made Adam eat the forbidden fruit, a very valuable lesson for us ladies.
We have the power!

Power to make men squirm if we so like but sadly it’s not so. How come strong and great as we women are you see sad things like domestic violence everywhere, the victims- women. If only we would be as tenacious as we are trying to survive in this world dominated by men in our relationships with men, they would respect us. It’s painful to listen to women on talk shows especially on radio. How can a highly learned woman say something like “I know my husband/boyfriend is cheating on me but I don’t mention it for the sake of our kids”. That, I will never understand. Why in the world can you sleep in the same bed with a person who is sleeping around saying it’s for the sake of your children? What about you? Your psychological and physical health? What with rampant killers like AIDS? Don’t you think that’s encouraging infidelity?

To me that is lack of respect for a woman who is the mother of your children and the entire woman species. I don’t have a family so I will never know why women stick it out but pretending it’s not happening while its right under your nose, it’s unacceptable! How do we expect men to respect us if we stoop so low? We are letting ourselves down and making fools of ourselves and yet we are fighting for equality.

How will anyone take us seriously if we are not serious? Women need to stand up and fight for their rights as wives/girlfriends. Marriage is for better or worse but it doesn’t mean the man should walk all over the woman, stand up and he will notice and respect you. Its torture to see your beloved mama being beaten up by your dad and that is why we have all sorts of characters in our society. Kids either learn from their parents mistakes or adopt them. Look at Chris Brown. When he assaulted his then girlfriend Rihanna, he revealed in a talk show that he grew up watching his dad beat up his mom.

So dear parents are you really helping your families by looking the other way? Don’t you think a man would respect you more as a strong woman if you stood up to him? That’s why we have organisations in our society like FIDA to help us out, they are not just a sham they help. We are women, we are strong, and we are the best! So let’s act it and show the world we can do it.

Yes we can!

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  • Medusa

    The reason we have these problems is coz one this is that the men are not changing with time…..in this centrury very few women will sit at home and let the men bring home food….from time in memorial…the woman did most of the work(the woman built the houses….n men eeh went grazing…or went to kamukuji) back then there was not way of weighting what the woman did…now money weighs it..she brings more money home or even equal to the man…and now he is threatened and starts looking for ways to put the woman down….but because we are strong beings…we either stick with the whinning or decide to start our lives a fresh……men have to live up or be diminished……:)

  • http://lily.co.ke/members/suki/ Suki

    Women are becoming so independent to the point of getting kids through sperm donors cos they dont want the extra ‘baggage’ men bring. Either way we shouldn’t forget the role of men in the society no matter how independent and strong willed we might become, a man will always be the head of the family and my opinion is if he is worth it, he should be respected as such.

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