Call me Lisa

Lisa wasn’t the kind of girl that you would call approachable not by any means. She frowned a lot at nothing actually that was her relaxed facial expression she just didn’t know how to smile or maintain a cheerful expression. She hadn’t always been like this she was once a gay young woman with an amazing zest for life, a desire to live her life to the fullest with no regrets.

Until the accident.

On that ill fated day, Lisa woke up early and happy with her usual bounce. After grabbing a quick breakfast she headed for the stables where she was sure her beloved dad awaited her arrival after all it was Thursday, the sacred day that she always took a ride into the woods with her dad. Martin greeted his daughter with his usual quick kiss on her lips and a fatherly affectionate pat on her back. Their horses were already saddled and soon father and daughter were trotting happily in the woods with the sun warming their backs.

It was a beautiful day.

Lisa was getting impatient it was time for the day to begin! With one kick her horse galloped across the woods with an amazing grace kicking up dust as it went. With her hair flying and her father closely behind her, she was in heaven!  Screaming gleefully every time her horse jumped a hurdle or fence they came across. They were nearing a clearing where they would dismount for a break when they her dad’s horse started whining and thrashing wildly. They couldn’t tell what was wrong until they saw the snake. It was a few metres in front of her dad’s horse unfortunately so was the last fence. Martin tried calming his stallion with soothing words urging it to jump the fence. When his horse jumped so did the snake before the stallion could clear the fence, the snake bit it. With its amazing strength the stallion threw Martin who landed on the other side of the fence, broken like a rag doll.

Lisa’s life had ended with the untimely and premature death of her dad.

That was two years ago and it still hurt to think of Martin lying there helpless. She would never forget his last words to her as she knelt beside him tears running down her face uncontrollably. Find him… The words haunted her but she couldn’t make heads or tails of it, what did her father mean by find him? Who was him? Where did he live? Where would she start looking for this ‘him’? These questions plagued her every single day yet she had no answers.

Today she had woken up early as usual and had headed to town to run some errands. Thirsty after a few hours of walking around town she decided to get a drink in one of the restaurants nearby. Sipping her cold lemonade with pleasure reading poetry, Lisa was totally unaware of the world around her until a rich deep voice called her name.

“Ms. Lisa?”

Lisa looked up with her usual frown wondering who had the nerve to disturb her peace ready to silence them with a brusque retort.  The retort choked on her throat, standing in front of her was a mirror image of herself, a male one of course. Questions collided with each other inside her head as her heart beat a hard tattoo it’s a wonder it didn’t stop. This was definitely what Martin had told her to ‘find’ well he had found her. Why didn’t she know about him? Why didn’t they grow up together as brothers and sisters do? Questions, questions, questions! Well she was about to find out.

“Hi, am your twin brother Liam” Her male replica said as he extended his hand in greeting. Without hesitation Lisa stood and took it firmly in hers.

“Call me Lisa” she said as she gave him her sunny smile. Her life wasn’t over after all.

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