Buckle up!

So we are seated in traffic and from afar we spot a traffic police coming towards our car for inspection. What immediately runs through everyone’s mind is to buckle their seat belts lest one is served with a fine even though this should be obvious;  buckling your seat belt the minute you get into a car, for safety reasons. We quickly buckle our seat belts and smile naughtily at the police officer peeping through the window.

That incident last week reminded me of belts and how it seems like everywhere I turn I see someone has accessorized their outfit with them and neither does it look like anyone is forcing them too either.  From jewelry belts to fabric belts to wide and thin belts, it’s interesting how these little numbers can significantly change your look.  It doesn’t matter their size, shape, materials or the little details (jeweled, leather, unusual flower patterns on the buckle) on them, belts are known to compliment your look. They can make you look slimmer, adding an edgy chic to your outfit and at times these same belts can distract the attention from potential bad areas of your outfit. Belts have the fashion ability to transform shapeless outfits into bold and beautiful outfits that give your waistline a great look.

There are many types of belts to choose from; there are the wide statement belts. Now I’ve seen a lot of these doing the rounds. I’ve noticed them being worn with dresses and with that said they look great for party occasions and everyday wear. Some have very eye catching buckles which can come in various shapes like circles, rectangular and some buckles are either big bows or hooks. The wide statement belts are likened to kimono style sash belts or bands of fabric around the waist.

Green belt buckle

There are the thin belts which unlike the wide statement belts, go with anything. They especially look good with suits, dresses and sweater shirts and they don’t dominate the outfit like the wide statement belts. Other types of belts include jewelry belts mainly for evening outfits; they give a beautiful and sophisticated look and bring out the feminine touch. They are normally embellished with metal and stones. The fabric belt is another kind which has an added advantage because you can experiment different styles and knots which can be placed in different directions. These fabrics are like satin, suede, velvet or silk.

Belts divide the body into different parts and they are a great way to flatter your waist but you have to know how to wear them because it gives a different look with where it is placed. Some can be worn below the bust line; the likes of wide belts on dresses, or on the natural waistline in this case using the thin belts or low around the hips, this is mainly done with some wide belts made of fabric.

In most cases before you choose which kind of belt to wear, carefully consider your shape, height and waistline so that the belt does not distort your body shape.

The belt party has already started, you can’t be left behind, so choose your belt and buckle up!

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