Social networking or sexual networking

Let’s talk about social networks case in point facebook. How far is too far when it comes on what to share when it comes to public stuff like status and wall-to-wall issues?

I have a friend who is always updating his status with stuff about sex and the comments he gets especially from women is unbelievable let’s just say he has a ‘loyal following’. I of course am not one of them am proud to say because I for a long-time thought he was a pervert.

Until I met him.

The guy in unbelievably shy and quite reserved, Mr. Innocent in the flesh. So I asked him why he writes such perverted and controversial status on facebook he said simply that that was his alter ego.

He got me thinking what are these social networks for? Networking? Making new friends? Or are they for chasing that ever elusive dream of getting married to a jungu? The list is endless. Why do we always post stuff that would makes us ‘blush’ (Somebody told me Africans don’t blush because we are dark skinned whites do) I mean look at the photos especially of caricatures or toons people post. Be it of private parts blown out of proportion or the wording of the photos you have to wonder if this isn’t insanity.

Who or what is to blame?

Is it westernization or is it a culture that is developing? When did sex become the ‘in thing’ that we have to use it on social networks to attract attention? Have you ever clicked the button labelled REPORT on facebook to report an image or a very sexually explicit status, wall-to-wall, applications etc? Some people literally have ‘ facebook sex’ right before our eyes. I for one have never clicked the REPORT button, have you? If not why? Are we dismissing it saying its part of everyday life? Or you say ‘It’s none of my business’  like I do? Have you ever been invited by a friend to an application like Naughtier Pokes and you accepted and started sending those ‘pokes’ without thinking twice?

One way or another we all are guilty, I would like to blame the administrators and creators of this networks for allowing such iniquity to bloom but when push comes to shove it all boils down to you and me. It’s all about our morals. Ask yourself are you social networking or sexual networking?

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