Ask Lily: He broke up with me coz he wasnt ready for our relationship

Just wondering when your man breaks up with u and says. “i dont think am ready for this relationship”yet there has never been a problem between the two. what does it mean? kwanza it being through a call?


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  • mercy

    Walalalala thats nasty n cold.that means all along he was nt in it mayb just taging guy told me juzi he nids space n i interprtd that to mean he nided i didnt even ask or done.

  • liz

    Mercy gd u dint av a toi wt him. Myn was as cold as “am wt my gal” i jst stare at my son n tel myself”liz its hard bt face it” lyf goes on nwey

  • sharon

    At 1st it sounds like a dream. 2nd U’r like f he has made up his mind no nid 2 nego bt que’s whea did i go wrong?so t was a 1 man’s show ol thro? I thot we wa headed somewea.

  • mercy

    yeah angel one is always left wonderin where u went wrong.n feelin used n wasted.n havin low self esteem
    liz as long as he supports the baby let him go to hell.
    relationships suck.

  • Kelleher

    That’s why I love travelling. You can only go wrong with the map. The heart remains intact.

  • Mbũrũ Kamau

    The man might not have been aware of the intricacies that make up a relationship!!!

  • Mkk

    wololos,enyewe dudes can be asses. my ex did that bt he semad his filns jus died. how the f, does that happen?! thank god i dn get paged.

  • Lyreb

    hey…look on the bright side…its better than being with smeone who does not want 2 be with u…good ridance..ull get ova it usijali.

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