Let’s Play DRESS Up!

Am I the only one who thinks that fashion in the 70’s was way cool? I was going through some old family albums and found some very interesting pictures of mum and her friends in the 70’s. I must admit, those were some good ol’ fashion days. I’m talking about the flared trousers, halter neck suits, bell bottoms, mini-skirts and the maxi dresses.  Fast forward to 2010; the same fashion trends of the 70’s, like the mini dresses are slowly taking over the fashion scene.

Mini dresses have come and it seems they are here to stay. Yes we all love the trousers and hipsters and how they Mini Dressdefine our behinds but it’s time to embrace the mini dresses that helped describe our mothers as ‘Every Woman’. Mini dresses have a way of screaming out ‘I’m a darling!’ It gives one a bold and confident look with a playful and youthful demeanor.

There are so many ways to style your mini dresses to accommodate your personal style, body shape and give you the look you want. You have to consider your body type, this is very important. Just like other clothing items, when it comes to mini dresses you have to dress your body type; if you have a belly, it’s advisable to avoid high waist mini dresses because you will give the impression that you are ‘with child’ when you are not.  For tall women, you have to make sure the mini dresses are not so short as to expose too much, meaning you can wear your mini dress over skinny jeans or with tights.

If you want to accentuate your curves and bring out the hour glass figure, you can try on a mini dress that defines your waist and separates your upper and lower body. If you want the attention to be on your chest area you can create that volume but wearing a mini dress with pleats. While if you want the mini dress to bring attention your lower half you can try on dresses with greater volume like mini-bubble dresses.

You should also consider the weather and occasion. These mini- dresses are great for the Saturday/Sunday playful warm weather. You can get one for that garden wedding party or for a day out shopping. For a garden or evening party you can wear that mini dress with chunky bracelets and wedges or heels to create the ultimate chic look. If you are a little shy about showing some leg you can always have on the mini dress with opaque tights or fierce ankle boots and a scarf or hat to enhance your look. The tights and boots can also do well in the cold weather.

When we talk about mini dresses we are referring to an unmoved trend that caters to everyone’s personal style and figure.  You have plenty of options. You can decide to be the classy diva with a mini bubble dress for that evening party or a laid-back chic in the tube casual dress for a day out or a kimono wrap top dress for the ethnic look. You decide. Right now mini dresses are having their moment of fame in fashion, don’t just stand on the sidelines you too can join in and play DRESS UP!

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