Tis The Season To Be Clutchy!

A while ago, cramming all your essentials to the point of spilling over in that huge handbag was the norm of the day. Was that extra pair of shoes or that roll of tissue really necessary? How about the length of time, sometimes tens of minutes, it took you to locate your house keys or your ringing mobile phone that you had to spill everything on the floor just to find what you were looking for?  Well, you can now wave bye bye to those days because it clutch time!

hand bagThere are two things that a woman absolutely loves; her shoes and her bags.  The era of oversized handbags came-and yes it’s no secret that it gave women an excuse to carry around a mobile wardrobe. Trendy clutch bags are now in fashion coming in interesting shapes and sizes that can complete and complement your outfit giving you the desired look. Many people choose clutches for their unique sizes, designs and colors.

There are different types of clutches. A convertible clutch is very versatile because it easily morphs from clutch, to tote, to shoulder bag.  There is the hard case clutch that brings out a retro look. It will most likely have a sleek, satin or silk appearance. It’s best used for glamorous evening as purses or you can accessorize it with your formal attire for that sophisticated look. There is also the mini clutch which as its name suggests is quite ‘mini’. It is very small and has barely enough room for your lip gloss, keys, mobile phone and everything you want to squeeze in. This is more for style.

Some clutches are chained, others patterned or adorned with appealing details such as sequins, pearls or diamantes. It’s very important to note that a clutch can make or break your outfit; therefore there are a few guidelines you need to remember as you choose the right clutch for your outfit.

  1. Since the clutch is small, there is a tendency to overfill it with all your handbag essentials; the lip gloss, your phone, wipes etc. This makes your clutch appear bulky. Resist the urge to fill it with everything in your closet. Keep it minimal, smooth and thin.
  2. A clutch is not really for everyday use therefore you have to know the right occasion to accessorize it with your outfit. A clutch goes well with parties or special events, somewhere you don’t need to drag along that cumbersome handbag. These events go well with that little clutch bag.
  3. When wearing hushed colors, you can have bright colored clutches in the same color scheme of your outfit. When your outfit has more vibrant colors you can choose a clutch with a hushed tone. Outfits with textured apparel will go well with clutch bags that are less busy or textured.

As much as we all need our oversized bags in different situations, a smaller bag is a great investment. The clutch bags though small make a bold fashion statement, so put away the big handbags; tis the season to be clutchy!

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