A must have

I know you must be wondering, what exactly is a ‘must have’? Well, let me take you back to last Friday; place-Maggies, time-4pm. I was out with a girlfriend for a quick coffee with creamy lemon cake before heading home. Usually this is the time of day when a lot of people (mostly ‘office’ working types) are walking in and out for coffee dates with post-mortem chit-chat sessions about the office politics and gossip.

hidden platform pumps heelsAs we were chatting away with my friend, this lady walked in standing at 5’5 maybe in her mid-twenties and judging from her grooming, her profession was not far from marketing. The room suddenly became less quiet with the horde of office girls at the next table were nudging each other to check out her (wait for this!)… her black platform heels. Yes, I thought it must have been the nice mini skirt suit with crisp white blouse but their eyes were fixated on her shoes. I have to admit it; she was looking quite sophisticated in those black platform heels. Unlike women not accustomed to walking in heels and had funny, limp-y strides, she walked with ease and comfort. I have to admit, as a low-heeled, sandals and flats wearer and non-believer of high heels and stilettos, I wanted to turn in my placards and reform immediately.

With platform heels you cannot help but love them! They have been a trend for a long while with the ability to wear these types of heels all year round. These heels can blend fabulously with almost everything; think of casual shorts, dresses, jeans, with tights or stockings. The fact that platform heels are very versatile can help you create whatever look you want. You may want to strike a professional look for the office that will definitely turn heads in the board room and leave everyone wondering how you make platform heels look so good. You can also don a casual look for a normal day or the weekend day or a sexy elegant look for a night out painting the town all sorts of colours. That is platform heels for you; when it comes to them you never run out of ideas.

Platform heels come in all imaginable colours from red, black, silver, pink to brown with a variety of materials-leatherette, suede, patent and pure leather just to name a few. The handiest of colours so far is black because it can match and blend with almost everything you own in your wardrobe. The platforms heels also have a host of exquisite designs; that means buckles, jewels, strapped or bowed adorn these heels; the choice is entirely yours. These designs can suit your tastes, changing moods, attitudes and different occasions.

When it comes to comfort the platform heels are better than high heels. You see, if you love high heels but find it hard to balance the thin soled, pointy heels then platform heels will work great for your balance. One of the greatest advantages of wearing platform heels is the stability they offer you; they add the inches in height if you are short and does not compromise you ease in walking.

Platforms were there in the 70’s disco-era and they don’t seem to be going anywhere soon; so join the club and buy some platform heels they are a MUST HAVE!

Photo courtesy of FabGuru

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