Ask Lily: How to put off a nagging rich man

i have been thinking on a way to hurt somebody with words in order to stop bothering me by sending me huge amounts of money in order to accept him as my husband to be.Am very young and still in compass,am an orphan and i was brought up in acrid smell of aged 20 years and this man is 40years and he look very old even physically. personally i have met him and told him face to face that i don’t love him and i cant even put up with him.

This old man at the age of my father can not listen to me and he keeps showering me with lots of money and stupid love messages.what do i do with this man because i want to live my life but he can not listen to me because he thinks after am through with my education he will marry me.I know you may be asking how i got to know this man but it was through his fiance whom they had planned to marry but eventually they broke up.the fiance was my pal and she got married to somebody else and we lost contact.we have never had any affair with this man neither spend a even a whole day day together.Please help me on how to put off this man for am sick of him. He is too much nagging.


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  • mariam

    Aint no gold digger but opportunity knocks once,kuwa mjanja use his money but dont use urself in the process..ukishindwa …..nipee yeye……..

  • Mercy

    just go MIA dont pick his calls,dont reply texts or u could enjoy the roller-coaster.tag him along while looking for greener pastures be the clever here dont feel soory for the jack

  • teri

    I feel u gal. Some men think havin money gives them the rght 2 manupulate women. Wat they dont knw is life is mo than jst money. Don’t give him the time of day if u dont want 2. If need b, change ur no. or divert 2 a frnd. Gud luck.

  • pricscilla

    remember that money cannot buy you love,money will bring you unwanted babies patient and your true love will come along.

  • Lilian

    Plz i need a man nt a boy, he’s 23 n wont give me peace.

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