Ugly on the inside… beautiful on the outside!

It’s mid-month and bad hair days continue to plague you every day as find your way to work or school or perhaps as you run errands. At the back of your mind it seems like you have no time or money to visit the salon. So, what do you do? Simply, just get a head wrap and cover that disaster on your head from the masses! At least that’s what I do. Frankly, I’ve had not-so good hair days with extremely horrible bad hair days and head wraps have been a real savior. Each time, I always strive to find a different, unique and stylish way to cover my un-presentable hair with a head wrap that screams out…’yes, it may look bad on the inside but it rocks on the outside!’

Yes, it is really that simple.

A majority of us believe head wraps are only used for religious purposes or protecting our do’s during unexpected rainy moments, and unfortunately it may also be your grandmother’s signature look. However these head wraps maybe all these things but are and can be very fashionable and versatile giving you casual, elegant, fashionable or practical look depending on how you decide to wear them, the fabric you use and how you choose to tie it.

Orie Rogo ManduliFor some, head wraps are a fashion statement; while others it lends a sense of identity-a way to express their personal style. I’m talking about the likes of India Arie, Erykah Badu or our own Orie Rogo Manduli; these are just some examples of personalities who bring out the best of head wraps.

Head wraps come in different shapes and sizes, the only difference been one’s preference. I see lots of women out in the streets donning head wraps giving an ethnic style; beautifully weaved around the head. Some are really big and may leave you wondering, if at some point the head wrap will fall off. Don’t let the huge sizes scare you, though comfort is equally important.

There is the handkerchief wrap which is the easiest to pull off; just fold a rectangular shaped cloth and tie it back folding it nicely behind the ears, and the scarf head wraps which bring about the sophisticated look; they look similar to the hijab. With the scarf head wrap, you can simply wrap a very long cloth around your head and then make a loop around your neck to bring a somewhat scarf look.

During my infamous bad hair days, I use various head wraps for emergency but they are more than the cloth you weave around your head when your pockets are singing the blues and you can’t get your hair ‘did’. Head wraps are authentic and unique so try it, wrap it!

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