What came first? The chicken or the egg?

Dear Diary,

egg or chickenWhat came first? The chicken or the egg? OK, more specifically who started this losing war? The women who demanded too much from men, thus turning them into chivalry-deprived, insensitive, sex-crazed empty souled creatures (deep breath) OR the men who, due to their above-named issues turned women into gold-digging, self respect-lacking, easily sexed, easily pleased, empty souled creatures? Does it matter? Dear Diary, who cares?????

Listen, I suppose the point I’m trying to make it is this: I feel like lots of people are in the biggest race of their lives, trying to impress people they don’t know with money they don’t have and things they don’t need. In addition, these same blind-leading-the-blind people are also in a great mysterious quest to prove something to someone: that they matter! The sad thing is, these people often end up with pie in the face because as it turns out:

1. Of course they matter. They never had to prove it anyway because it’s a given; an obvious fact. Of course they matter, money or no money. Sex or no sex. Relationship or no relationship. No matter what they think they need to matter, they DO matter so what’s with the rat race to prove the obvious? Duh!

2. Ironically, even if they DO matter they end up feeling like they matter less than they really do because they compromised their values and no longer respect themselves or recognize themselves. Insult to injury? They have a hard time finding someone who loves them, maybe because he/she too is as broken as they feel? Perhaps?

Dear Diary, I wish people – and in this case, Kenyans – would revert to the old fashioned way of life where self respect and dignity and integrity and consideration and kindness and honesty were the norm. Just because we’ve found some nice things to borrow from other cultures (e.g US) doesn’t mean that we must take every damn thing that they have. No culture is perfect but surely we do ourselves a disservice when we trade even the good and beautiful about us for the ugly and unsustainable and unhealthy about them. Just saying…..

On to my rants and raves for the week.


1. Freaking Barclays Bank. I haven’t even started banking with them yet I’m already irriated. Yuck! Does anyone have an account with Barclays and is happy??? Better yet, is anyone having as terrible a time with them as I am? They won’t even give a potential customer any information on their different accounts. They’re all so hell-bent on having you open a Prestige Account. Who cares?!?! I’m the customer damn it and I don’t want a prestige account! Sheesh


1. My job! I can’t say yet what I do but I’m really loving this new adventure. Don’t get me wrong; it has its challenges and I’ve already had a tantrum (or two?) in the first week (privately 🙂  ) but I’m so happy and blessed to have this opportunity for growth and learning that I just had to rave about it. I mean, really, how often does THAT happen? Rave on about your job too in the comments section (or rant, if that’s the case!) It’ll be just between the two of us 😉

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