Ask Lily: Should I let go or wait

am 20 i fell for this guy whom av known since high school we are in the same college and friends. i kept the feeling to myself till recently i told him through a text after a long wait he replied and said he liked me too. he has not made a move yet its been like a month now,we still chat but the problem is i have to do it first he doesnt text or call before i do which makes me think he is not interested. do i stand a chance?


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  • Adongo

    don’t wait for him to make a move, go to him and talk about what happened. clear the air snd get to know once and for all where your fate lies…. waiting for the first move will make you more restless and uncertain.

  • Mia

    I don’t think he’s interested. Men are terrible when it comes to what they consider to be confrontation. To men (in general), not agreeing with someone is the equivalent of starting a fight and when that person is female, it makes it that much more difficult. What am I saying? He would rather say that he likes you back than potentially hurt your feelings by saying he’s not interested. Also, men are hunters, so to speak, so when he wants something/someone, he hunts for it. Sweetie, he’s not hunting you. You hunted him and a deer never turns back from a lion to say “we! si you hunt me!). You get my drift?

    Move on and when/if he’s ready, he’ll find you. No more initiating contact because even if he wanted to pursue you, how could he when your busy chasing him?

    Good luck and may you find a love worthy of you :)

  • Cherie

    I feel u kabisa.I had a similar scenario as u. I liked this guy from the time i was in form 2 . I was shy n never told him what i felt for him. Anyway if there was any communication it would be me spending the credit. After high school i just told myself this guy is not interested in me in that way so i decide to try n get over him. like 5 yrs later i still felt like I need the first love who never loved me back in my life. Swty,so i get in touch with this guy . He started calling me gave me all the attention i craved .We went out for like a week . However this was all a hoax as at the moment he had just broken up with his chic so i was like a stress relief for him. Unfortunately, the ex heard vibe about us n she came running. Can we high five coz i’m classier n sexy than her. Anyway,the guy went back to his mama n i was left heart broken. A week later the guy is following he had broken up with the ex n was looking for relief again…….

    I wouldnt like u to go thro what i went throuugh what I am saying is if the guy likes u he will call u , sms u , find out where u live ,,,,,he will tafuta u no matter how busy he is. DO NOT LIE TO YOURSELF ….LIKE I DID.I am sure there are many men who would love n give their lives for you…..So chin up n dont be like me

  • Jay

    Mia u just said it all with the deer scenario, and Cherie thanx for looking out for your dear sisters. From experience Vera use that credit worth of cash to pamper yourself or do something you love because he ain`t going to feel the way u do and if he ain`t luved you by now………(Ciara`s Lyrics) Its asier done soonest though u`ll feel it at first but u`ll grow out of it.

  • Africangel

    I think Cherie has said it all, you initiated first contact and he was supposed to follow through. Anything more from you will just make you look like a desperado. Forget him, move on. He is also probably keeping you as what I like to call a “Just In Case”. And that is something you DO NOT want to be.

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