How To Wear Sandals and Look Good

sandalI was at a chamaa meeting last week and it seemed like I spent most of my recess time leaning against the refreshment table. It’s not that I was waiting to see who would take the last of the appetizing black forest cake or for extra helpings, but I had a rather peculiar reason. You see, I had worn very uncomfortable platform pumps that were causing me to lose my balance. The lean against that table was my shameless disguise as I tried to find my balance. This went on for long and at some point I gave up on the uncomfortable platform pumps (or did them platform pumps give up on me?) and switched to my emergency sandals; the ones I carry along for days like these. The woman seated next to me gave me the ‘are you seriously gona wear sandals’ look and in response I gave her the ‘Can’t a woman wear sandals and still look good?’  stare!

You see, I’m not exactly your everyday ‘heels wearing’ type of girl. I’m almost six feet tall but it’s not even about the height and neither I’m I scared of the extra height. I actually kinda enjoy the top view of people’s heads; it’s about the comfort and the fact that sandals are very versatile. I can’t climb up and down the stairs at work in high heels but with sandals, I can comfortably bare the lack of a functioning elevator.

Well, I finally got tired of the love-hate relationship I had with heels and switched to nice comfy sandals. Now I wear sandals as often as possible depending on the occasion, the place and the weather. I find that many people still have the notion that sandals are too casual and it’s hard to look good in them. On the contrary, you can wear sandals and look fashionably good.

First of all, closed shoes hide a lot; so when you decide on sandals you have to kiss goodbye to dirty toenails and cracked nail polish. Normally when people look at you, they also look at the shoes, so with sandals, your feet are constantly under scrutiny. That means you have to pay close attention to foot care/hygiene. Frequent wearing of sandals exposes your feet to dirt that causes them to crack, so you have to scrub rough spots whenever you bathe. You can also opt for a pedicure on a frequent basis and/or polish your toe nails with colors that compliment your skin tone.

Secondly, sandals come in many sizes and styles. Wear a fitting pair in your size to avoid sandals that are too loose or too small. You’d be surprised at how the right size will make a whole lot of difference. This brings me to the third detail; choose the right type of sandals. Not every other sandal will go with your outfit e.g. wearing Jesus strappy sandals with your office wear-a definite no-no! Your choice of sandals should also be dictated by the occasion, the place and the weather; you do not want to be caught in sandals during the rainy season.

At the end of the day, sandals are great to wear, not just for comfort but because they offer a variety of designs and styles to match your preference and fashion sense. So it doesn’t matter if you don’t have model feet, you can still wear sandals and look good!

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