Scarf It!

scarfHave you ever walked out of the house and down the street or around town, glanced around only to find that you had an outfit similar to everyone else around you?  At this point, you probably wished you were different and unique from the crowd.

You’ve heard number of times that in life it’s the little things that matter. This saying can easily find it’s backing in fashion whereby little details you add to your outfit can make or break your final look stand out.

How can you accessorize your outfits?  Two words; Scarf It!

The scarf trend has caught on. Forget the days when we thought scarves were for our grandmothers and being ‘scarfed’ meant one was old-fashioned. Lately, however, the scarf has become a fashion statement with men and women alike are accessorizing their outfits with lovely scarves. From the extra-long scarves worn with skinny jeans that give a nice casual look to cowboy scarves with their tassels hanging, that have become an instant favourite with men, demonstrates how scarves may complete an otherwise dull outfit.

Scarves are versatile no matter what you have on; perhaps, add color to your outfit. A patterned or plaid scarf can spice up a plain outfit; or you can choose one color on the plaid scarf and match it with your outfit. You can also don neutral colors to let the scarf dominate.

When it comes to scarves, the weather doesn’t matter. The scarf has been commonly used to keep one warm during the cold weather. Did you know you can also wear the scarf like an afterthought? Just let it drape on your shoulders or wrap it around the shoulders for an evening party or night out. Alternatively, you can use the scarf like a necklace and loop it around your neck. It can also be used as a neck wrap where you loosely gather around your neck or wrap it until the ends are not seen, layer upon layer.

There is no sure way of wearing your scarf thus embracing different styles, patterns, texture, shape and trends are at your disposal for different looks. How you wear your scarf depends on your outfit and occasion. If you taking a trip to the local coffee house maybe wearing the scarf a necklace would be appropriate. If, on the other hand you are attending an evening party choosing the after-thought approach where the scarf drapes on your shoulders would go well with the occasion. Choosing the appropriate scarf for the occasion can be an inexpensive way of glamming up an otherwise boring  where you can wear an elegant shawl, the scarf texture and shape; there are  long shape scarves and also short elegant shawl style scarves.

Even men are wearing scarves; mainly the ‘Karma’ scarves have hot property and a favourite this year. Buddhist and Hindu priest wear them during prayer services.

Whenever I think of scarves Meryl Streep comes to mind. Her role as Miranda Priestly; the most powerful fashion magazine editor in the movie ‘The Devil Wears Prada’ epitomized scarfs as a must-have fashion accessory for any woman. Meryl wore her signature Hermes scarves with almost all her outfits.  So, it doesn’t matter what outfit you plan to wear; Scarf It!

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