Ask Lily: Virginity

does every woman bleed when the break there virginity? the first time i had sex,i never bled n i was a virgin.i told my boyfriend by the that i was a virgin but later thot i lied to him.hes my husband now but still he doesnt believe that i was a virgin when we do i explain coz i have nt experienced bleeding?


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  • Bernice

    I don’t think that there has to b blood. I hear that if u were very active n athletic growing up and especially during teenage hood, then u r most likely not going to feel that much pain or see blood.. Also never bled..

  • Kari

    well if you loved climbing trees and loved using the stairs instead of the lift thinking you were keeping fit well theas something else you were losing……THE MEMBRANE…..thats why you wnt bleed at all

  • Mercy

    I neva bled hell with the Hymen thingy,its oldskul n should get ova the bleeding ish,do they know how painful it is?blood is an exagartn.a styled up guy wil biliv u nt be cliche’

  • Africangel

    As Kari says if you were the athletic type: bike riding, tree climbing, contact sports etc; then your hymen will not even form. Even scientists know that. Please ask him to consult any gynaecologist about it. They will tell him the whole truth. Not every woman bleeds.

  • faith

    The whole bleeding thing is overated, it doesn’t happen as often as dudes think it should if intercourse is normal and one is mentally prepared for it. As for stairs and trees and bikes and all that rubbish – the membrane is too far up to be affected by such stuff.

  • Stephanie

    Wow! The first time i had sex i dint bleed! Ive always thot that there was something wrong with me. So its normal!?

  • rikki

    Thought I would share my two cents worth with y’all ladies. As men we have no idea and we dont care that y’all have different biologies. If the 1st virgin I get down with bleeds, I’m gonna expect every subsequent one to do the same. We call it ‘the law of averages’. Any deviation from the norm will be viewed with scorn. If you didnt bleed the 1st time you had sex, you should come out and confess the fact that you had been doing stuff to yourself and experimenting way before your first actual experience. Enough said!!!!!

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