Kenyan girls are loose?!?!?

Dear Diary,

candle lightHere I am sitting in the darkness. I have to say, it’s pretty nice trying to play scrabble with some really cool people, squinting in the candle light to see the letters on the old tiles. Actually, they’re playing and I’m chilling. Kenyan style. In the dark :)

Seriously though, how was your week? Mine was interesting, as usual. Here’s the thing on my mind though: A non-Kenyan male friend recently shared with me that the word on the street is…are you ready? “Kenyan girls are cheap.” Whaaaa???!!!?!?!? I’ve gotta say I got a bit defensive about that, for all of 5 seconds. He was kind enough to let me in on why Kenyan girls have such a nasty reputation. According to him, if they (the girls/females) think that you might have money and/or you’re a foreigner, then they’re willing to give up what they think the man wants. OUCH! Since that very painful conversation, I’ve tried to look at things from the male perspective and I have to admit that it’s not looking good. Ladies, is this true?!?!

And now on to my rants…


Kenyan ladies: Hold the rotten eggs and tomatoes and let me explain. First, I know that it’s not all ladies who are loose but I’ve to admit that from a guys perspective, it looks like a lot, and I mean A LOT of ladies do give the impression that they can be had for a very small price. Where is the dignity? Self respect?

Since I’m ranting, lemme really put my back into it and say what I’ve been wondering for a while now. What’s this Kenyan obsession with foreign things and foreign people? When did we become so into other people’s standards of living? What’s with the caviar taste on a pauper’s budget? What’s with expecting a guy to treat you like you see on some pathetic soap operas? What’s with the idea that what we see on TV is actually reality? Hellooooo ladies, can we please style up and get back to what is actually a beautiful and honest reality? Even if it isn’t, our dignity should not be for sale, yes???

Kenyan men! Urrghh…Don’t EVEN get me started! Who on earth gave you the stupid idea that unless you’re sleeping around you’re not really a man? What happened to your self respect? Dignity? Integrity? Where are you when the real men are being counted? You want respect? Earn it, and start with yourself first! When did sex become a measure of your worth as a man? What happened to holding yourself to the kind of high standards that made you a high quality man worthy of a high quality woman??? Can you PLEASE wake up and STOP listening to your miserable loser friends telling you to have sex – and without protection at that – to measure up. What your so-called friends are conveniently neglecting to mention is that they’re sad, depressed and lonely when they go home and face their real world.

Ladies and gentlemen, can we please decide to put an end to this vicious cycle that we started on each other and just cal

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  • propaganda

    It’s worse than you think. Wazungu typically pay $100+ to have ‘short time’ with malayas in their countries. Even crack whores demand $20 or more. If they want classy call girls, they must fork out thousands of $$$. So these guys (they call themselves mongers) travel to Africa, Asia and elsewhere to sleep with hundreds of kuros at $10 or less a pop. Now imagine their surprise when they find some girls will do it for free as long as they say they will be their boyfriend! There are hundreds of websites where wazungu men brag about how they came here to buy cheap pussy and found they could con many hairdressers, secretaries and so on to give it up for FREE because they thought they would get a mzungu husband. They even give each other advice — e.g. visit the family — on how to make the con work!

  • Africangel

    Just goes to show; question is- is the hairdresser, secretary etc the typical Kenyan girl? These are girls with an agenda, “leave the country or bust”. I am not defending this new breed of Kenyan girls but they have all been fed the dream, and a lot of Kenyan girls just want to be treated nice; which most Kenyan men seem unable to do. So let those foreigners not pretend… they may not be paying cash up front but they do PAY attention (when the girl talks they listen) , and they take you out to places you want to go (not to the latest choma joint where he spends all his time watching English football on a huge screen and the girl gets bored to death or plunks you in a corner while he talks to his buddies and totally ignores you until its time to go home) and he offers you his coat even though you were silly enough to wear a sleeveless top on freezing july evening. He (the typical Kenyan man) will even leave you in his house go out with his buddies and come home in the wee hours. I actually feel sorry for the girls growing up in Kenya now because there is no chivalry left. The guys don’t even pretend to care. The girls who have the cash do not allow men to treat them like that so the man has to be nice or split. Lets be nicer to each other and I can assure you our daughters will regain their dignity and make an effort to avoid the foreign cheaters.

  • Mia

    Aiii surely ladies, I can’t believe what my eyes are reading!

    Please continue to share with me about this issue. Maybe I’m more naive than I thought but I tell you what, I’m dumbstruck.

    Keep sharing

  • Mwesh

    I am not an expert but I tend to concur with African Angel….reason being that we Kenyan women demand so much from our men that we push them to the limit and that’s why they treat us the way they do….first,why would you tag along with your man when he is going to watch football?don’t you have girlfriends to call up and spend some good quality female time with?
    Mia,I agree with you on the fact that Yes Kenyan girls are cheap and would do anything to have what they call “a good life” and shockingly enough they never do get that good life because that money they get no matter how little ends up not sustaining them.And honestly I think white men are-lets just say-not what I want in a man.Are women blind(PS:Not all of them).Who also said that having a “mzungu” husband is on fashion?its so overrated it hurts.Girls/females,style up,there are Kenyan men who can treat a woman well,problem is we expect too much in such a short time….. and stop being cheap,respect yourself…and what your worth,your way better than that,reality check if you dint know.

  • nyambuxoxo

    ok lets be honest here,there’s no country without whores,its the oldest profession and i think your friend was wrong to sema most chicks are loose.the thing is wen a foreigner fikaz here,these chicks are more visible than the rest,kwani that odiero alicome kutembea ocha,?NO!he does not live in our daily world,you get him in hotels,clubs,cottages and what nots where we all know 90 percent of the chicks there are after his cash.
    oh and miss propaganda,about this chicks being paid peanuts,my previous landlady was a whore.and now there’s one driving a lexus in my new neighbourhood,i figure if you are going to sell hizo vitu,sell them to the highest bidder,if you are paid peanuts then thats your own dumb ass stupidity.

  • Gee King

    Hey y’all….i have a new perspective…D.E.S.P.A.R.A.T.I.O.N! yes desperation is our problem as ladies. I dont think the main aim of the prostitutes is to get laid. Its more like to get cash coz they need it? if you look at their history, most were from poor families and entered to prostitution coz it was the ‘quickest’ way to get cash. Now this desperate condition sees women groping for the white men coz they are gold diggers? or is it that they desperately want to be identified with a white man? desperation is what makes us ladies seem loose. a desperate woman would say yes to sex in a whiff. the cure? self-worth, self-respect. Ladies I dare say if we respected ourselves enough and loved ourselves enough to say no to sex with every other foreigner then they would in turn have a respect for us kenyan ladies.Word!

  • Mia

    OMGGGGGGGGGGGGGG Propaganda you made me squirm with your comment. I think I just threw up a little in my mouth. That’s disgusting and underhanded and just plain gross. Woooow! They really come here to “get it” for free and even hand out tips??? Major Ouch!

  • Mia

    Africaangel you made some very good points. I mean, what’s wrong with wanting to be treated nice. I’m no different from any other woman in the world: I want a man who treats me like a lady and one who acts and IS a gentlema. The thing that bothers me is that we’re developing a reputation for being slutty and easy. On the other hand, if you’re going to spend time with a guy, it might as well be one who takes you to nice places and gives you his coat and treats you well. So what if he’s a mzungu? I really do get that part of it, it’s the other side to that coin, where you’re willing to do all that in exchange for sex (with hopes of marrying a white guy even?). That part is sketchy.

    PS: I want to be clear; I definitely don’t think that every hair dresser or secretary is loose – just FYI.

    Thanks for the comment and come back often

  • Mia

    Not so fast Quill. First, I didn’t say that Kenyan girls were loose. I said that I was TOLD that Kenyan girls are loose.

    OK…you make a good point, that Kenyan girls do sometimes expect too much from men. It leads me to the chicken/egg question: which came first? The men treating women badly and women responding in this way or the women demanding too much from their men and the men responding my asking like jerks? What do you think?

    I do agree: no matter what, you’d better get a life – and fast! If your man is going to a local choma joint and ignores you to watch soccer, then don’t go! If he took you under the pretense of quality time and then you find that the danda-head is treating you like jana’s food, ebu sort yourself out immediately. One thing that men understand is cool, calm and collected statements. Excuse yourself by saying you were hoping for more QT so you’ll let him watch the game and go get some stuff done/get a pedicure etc. The very next time you talk, again calmly explain that you are NOT to be treated like that again. If he wants to watch the game, he’s welcome to go, just not with you and then – and this is key – DROP the subject and talk about something else. In general, harp on about the good and state simply and clearly and calmly the bad and for goodness’sakes don’t keep calling calling him. Sheesh! Get a life ladies, yeah???

  • Mia

    Nyambuxoxo….thanks for the comment. Another good point: these men to meet women in specific places. It’s definitely not all or even most chicks but it happens so much more often than it ever did so that’s why it sticks out.

    As for your landlady the “whore”, all I can say is that I know for sure that when you marry/date for money, you EARN every penny of it. Nothing is that easy!

    PS: In my friend’s defense, he was speaking from his own experience as a foreigner (and another PS: He’s not white. He’s African)

  • Mia

    Word! Gee :)

    Your point on desperation is well taken. I also think of desperation in another way. The truth is, when you come from a poor background, it sucks. Big time! Poverty really takes a toll on you physically, emotionally, spiritually and even morally among many other possibilities. Think about growing up under really tough circumstances and never being able to have some of what you want and most of what you need. It gets harder and harder to hold on to morals if it means eating a better meal and having more. Poverty can really change your sense of self-worth and when a man treats you well and buys things you never had before, it can he hard to say no to.

    I’m not excusing this behavior but I just want to be sensitive to this other kind of literal desperation (as opposed to emotional) and at least admit that sometimes, the price seems worth it. Whether or not is irrelevant.

    Self-respect is a cure to this madness Gee :)

  • msichanamwafrika

    I don’t know about wanting to be treated like some chiquitta in a soap opera, but I do know that I want to be treated like I matter, like the guy actually cares for me. He doesn’t have to buy flowers everyday to show that. About foreigners, I am also puzzled by why many girls think the guys are rich – I truly don’t find them appealing at all, I’m always the one checking out the darker guys in the room :). I actually know someone who claims that she cannot stand african men, they’re gross, blah blah blah. She’s african by the way. What do you say to someone like that?

  • Mia

    msichanamwafrika I totally hear you. Women want to be treated with kindness and care (and it’s be great if a guy spoiled me but with little things like randomly buying me my favorite chocolate or whatever). Sometimes I think it just feels like you have to settle but I’m here to say that settling is worse that being single, imo (in my opinion).

    Re: Foreign men and specifically wazunguz…..I’m not against them. I’m an equal opportunity lover :) Basically, if a man treats me right and he’s a good match for me then he can be from wherever he wants to be from. I’m just not into the whole “he’s white so he must be better/rich/awesome/blah blah blah”mentality.

    You friend that can’t stand black men while she herself is black is exhibiting a defense mechanism called ‘Projection’ i.e she hates herself as a black/African person but rather than face that she puts all that baggage on other black people, in this case black men. Tell her to google “defense mechanisms.” Good luck!

    Come back often :)

  • Jei

    As for which came first, the egg or the hen, i think it’s gals who cultivated this culture by accepting gifts and cash in the name of being treated “nicely” and guys thought what the hell?
    Take for instance a gal who only responds to a guy when he buys her something like flowers, the girl will say her man is nice, he bought her things and took her places and will therefore put out more. Eventually the guy will learn, if i buy her somethin, i’ll get myself a little somethin somethin. And that’s how a particular gal becomes cheap or expensively cheap i.e need an expensive gift.
    As for a gal being taken someplace and ends up being ignored, it’s the mentality of some gals to be able to brag to their pals the followin morning where they were taken, and if your man is not rich and didn’t take you anywhere you feel left out hence look for someone to spice your stories and we all know there’s nothing like free stuff.
    And then again some people have always considered whites to be superior and that’s why they may sleep with the guy coz they assume he’s loaded or the possibility of love and be married, another case of putting out to get somethin.

  • Lawrence

    On behalf of my fellow men, let me express my utter indignation with this discussion. The ‘loose-girl’ concept is global. Anywhere you go, you will find girls who are ready to givirrup for quick fortunes. We have loose men too who do it with rich fat old women for the same reason. And if this is a post about girls being loose, where does the issue of Kenyan men treating you badly come in? Let’s face it, easy money is tempting, hence the ills in society such as corruption, robbery, conmen/women, prostitution etc. And if Kenyan girls will go for white men under the flimsy excuse of Kenyan men not PAYING attention, then they are being hypocritical and only have themselves to blame. There are many good men in Kenya who care for and treat their women like angels. You just need to find yours…

  • Mia

    Lawrence, your “utter indignation” is duly noted. Please note that I did not say Kenyan girls are loose but reported the observations of Kenyan women by foreign men (African, European et al). Now, on to your comment….

    It’s true the “loose girl” thing is world over so it’s not unique to Kenya but this is a blog for Kenyans and I always like to think that I’d rather know what people really think about me, hata kama it hurts, rather than walking around not knowing. Why? Because forwarned is forearmed. In my case, I found this info helpful because I know that if my mzungu friend/boyfriend/hubby came to Kenya, there’d be that assumption that I’m with him because he’s white, never mind the fact that we met abroad, are a good match, love each other…whatever. That’d be the assumption.

    On behalf of the previous contributors, all of whom are female, lemme say this: there’s a general sense that Kenyan men don’t value their women so the thinking goes – and I’m paraphrasing here – why be treated badly by a Kenyan jamaa when this jungu or other foreigner treats me well? Who cares if it’s temporary? I mean, even with the Kenyan guy it might be temporary but at least with the foreigner there’s a chance for a fun and interesting experience. At least that’s what I got from my female readers.

    There are two sides to each coin and I think Kenyan men are doing themeselves a disservice by getting too defensive to listen to what the ladies are saying: be nice, spoil them (coz who doesn’t like that? When you’re dating and she makes you that ka-special meal you like, si that feels good?), be a gentleman too. Every woman wants to be treated like a lady and here’s some free advice to the men: if a woman feels special, there’s very little she won’t do for you. When a woman can feel good about you and about herself when she’s with you, chunga tu! That lady will move heaven and earth for you. Free advice, take it or leave it.

    I hope you’re not too upset to come back. I’m sure you’re one of those who “treat their women like angels.”

  • Mia

    Hi Jei, thanks for stopping by. I think you meant to respond to a different post? No worries.

    As I told Lawrence, there are two sides to each coin and in this discussion, men will blame women and women will blame men (me thinks). I think that most women (stable, sane, normal women) want a man who treats them well. Both sexes want to be treated in a manner that makes them feel special. That shouldn’t be news to anyone but wanting to be treated well is different from being a gold digger or any of the other terms used to describe the Kenyan woman. Clearly if she only sees you when you have something for her, something is off and you (the guy) ought to pick up on it.

    Remember that a relationship is voluntary. I say this because men also stay in relationships with women who require to be “bought” all manner of things and then complain about it. The thing is, everyone has a choice. Once you realize that this is how your woman is, then you must decide if you want more i.e a woman who will want you even when you’re broke OR you’re ok with it because you’ll get a little “somethin somethin.” Whatever you decide is fine but you don’t get to complain about it because you’re a willing participant. I would give the same advice to a woman. If you’re putting up with crap because he has a nice car, takes you to a fancy restaurant (and ignores you) and buys you flowers, ni sawa tu just don’t complain about it coz you have a choice: either you allow that treatment OR you hold out for a man worthy of you. Your choice. No whining!

    PS: I’m an equal opportunity lover so I’m ok with interracial marriage. I’m ok with interracial anything, as long as it’s based on what both people want, and people want different things but again, make your choice and no whining.

  • msichanamwafrika

    I hear you Miamor, if someone treats you well it shouldn’t matter how he looks or where he’s from. But to other girls out there, don’t dismiss a guy just because he ain’t white or he’s a kenyan. Let’s be in love for real, not for the money – or the illusion of money. To Lawrence and other Kenyan princes out there – don’t stop treating your ladies like angels :)!!

  • Mia

    msichanamwafrika, I couldn’t agree with you more. Let’s love for real and Lawrence and other guys out there doing it right, don’t stop and keep up the good work. It makes the girls who act right have hope and know their own Lawrence/Prince Charming does exist :)

  • Bea

    Do i have anythng 2 has all been a man 4 who he is nt bcoz he z white or he has loaded wallet..

  • sikiman7

    Hey, love your work. These articles are just but the plain truth. I just had to show my appreciation for your blog. I for one, am appauled by my own findings from experience that most women are only after money. It is so sickening. And it’s even more sickening that women want us men to be exactly like those in soap operas. Soap operas are good FICTIONAL stories to follow. However, they aren’t guidelines to love in the REAL WORLD. Whatever happened to love and being true to ourselves? I’m almost joining uni and I think your articles will help me not loose direction. Hope you won’t stop publishing this blog.

  • S M

    So gud for those of us with no women to drag us down au sio

  • SM

    Ai kuweni serious I mean It doesnt luk lyk am ua dad, why wud I want to buy u all this stuf just to get the said luv kwanza all these only happen in those mexican soaps na Nigerian movies and u all shud know that luv only exists btwn parent and child this atha funny thing u hav 4 peple out thea is only an ilusion

  • Mia

    Bea, it’s good to “see” you around. You summed it up nicely :)

  • Mia

    sikiman7, thanks so much! Literally, you made my night, day and I’m still smiling :)

    Anyone, and I mean ANYONE fashioning their love life around a scripted show isn’t worth having. I do believe that inspite of how we may feel about the Kenyan opposite sex, we have a responsibility to do unto others as we would like others to do unto us. We have to be the ones to raise the standards, in love and life. Good luck and come back often.

  • Mia

    SM, thanks for stopping by.

    Woishe please don’t lump all women as those who will drag you down. Not all men drag women down either. Please read my responses to Lawrence and sikiman7, among others. Also, I do believe in love between two grown people (and not parental love either) but it takes time to find someone that is right for you. Good luck and may I challenge you to live with an open heart?

  • Mzungu Man

    As a mzungu man engaged to a Kenyan girl I found this discussion quite interesting.

    As Mia I’m an equal opportunity lover, and as I have worked and travelled around the world I’ve in my time had some experience with girls of different origins. South-American, Afro-American, African, Asian and European.

    Since I got to Kenya I have got several proposals of marriage. Some of them more like desperate cries to get out of an hopeless situation in the rural areas. Some of them from “golddiggers” in the major cities. And I have not been screewing around with Kenyan women, that slate was clean.

    After a while I was certain of one thing. I was never to get involved with a Kenyan lady. Famous last words.

    Now I am marrying a Kenyan girl next march.

    When I first met my wife to be I was sceptical about her motives, as it turned out she was sceptical of mine as well.

    But when there’s will there’s hope.

    I have been working with a development project in Kenya for a while, and my thoughts are not that Kenyan ladies are slutty. Most Kenyan ladies are not, some are, like men and woman around the world from all different kind of nationalities.

  • Joliea

    I like what Mzungu Man said. We are here. We exist. We level-headed female beings in Kenya. Those others are just tarnishing our (not so) good name.

  • Mia

    Mzungu Man…LOL, lemme laugh at you before I reply to your post. Famous last words indeed! Congratulations. Just goes to show that God/Universe has a sense of humor :)

    Ok, done laughing. Now, may I just say how glad I am to hear from you on this matter, esp given your personal experience. This is a topic that Kenyans, regardless or gender, talk about often and it rarely ends well. Both sides of the divide feel justified in their feelings. Thanks so much for sharing and come back often.

  • Africangel

    So you see, not all Kenyan girls are slutty. There are slutty girls the world over who would do anything for money. Nobody ever writes about the girl (and am guessing they form more than 80% of the Kenyan girls) who genuinely loves and genuinely cares and gets married to this guy no matter what the race. They simply do not make news and they are not worth talking about. Imagine the conversation… “I met “Africangel” the other day and she is going out with a jungu…. and they look like they are so much in love… Oh really …” (end of conversation). Picture other conversation “…. I am sure she just loves him for his money … ohh… and the other day I met her with …. imagine ….. blah blah blah…(no end to this conversation). So yeah there are slutty girls in this country but they DO NOT form the majority. They just make the news more often.

  • Amy

    It seems i came to this picture late…. well, what can I say? as a middle class well educated Kenyan lady married to a white man( we met while at college back in the U.K) i have had a horrible experience while leaving in Kenya. I get strange questions and STARES when i am dropped by my hubby at the salons,shops, or just walking! especially the stares! what the F@@K is going on, I have never experienced anything like this before.The most annoying question i have heard was in a Hotel we were staying. The salon lady asked me ‘ where did you get this young one?’ i was shocked! i then replied ‘ on on Ebay! …she didnt get the joke but she got the point!

    looking forward to going back soon….

  • Joliea

    @Amy, You got him on Ebay!? LOL!! I like that! I will pull that one one day hehe

  • Mia

    LOL Amy! I love that response :) I totally hear you on the questions and stares. This may or may not help but I’ve an American girlfriend married to a Kenyan guy and she gets lots and lots of blatant stares, especially when they’re together and especially now that she’s pregnant. The staring thing also happens a lot regardless; when I’m wearing large sunglasses, some people (esp. guys) literally try to peek through the sunglasses. wtf?!?! There’s a big thing here about interracial relationships because people assume that there’s something untoward. Chica, live your life and enjoy Kenya while you’re here. You snagged a good man who loves you and married you and happens to be white. Do ya thang and keep putting rude/nosey people in their place. Good luck and come back often!

  • Mia

    @Joliea, I think that line is classic! Let’s you and I borrow itnext time some nosey person sticks their nose where it doesn’t belong.
    @Amy, hope you won’t mind our readers using that very awesome comeback :)

  • mzungu

    i lived in kenya for over a year and i couldnt believe the number of times i got hit on over in kenya…from the florida club to the beaches in mombasa…even in everyday situations like buying a coffee at java…am with a kenyan lady now and all her friends say that they wouldnt go with a mzungu man when they in company but my misses shows me her emails and i can tell you they are all asking to be hooked up,,,i think they are publicly now shamed to admit it, but ALOT of kenyan gals want out of kenya and its got alot to do with the corruption, alcoholism, polygamous marriage, and the absent men who go idling at the pub spending all their money…aint that why you kenyan gals are so famous for hiding ya money in all kinds of places where ya men r none the wiser ;) in all honesty most kenyan men cant compete with the foreigner and kenyan women know this…most of the kenyan laws favour men because of this i.e. if a white woman marries a kenyan man she can stay in kenya as a dependent to him,,, but if a white man marries a kenyan woman he cant stay in kenya as a dependant to her even if he has a shitload of money and a mzungu man has to be married for 7 years to the kenyan to become a kenyan citizen (much harder than most developed countries)…kenyan men dont want the mzungu in kenya or any other competition for that matter

  • Mia

    Hi Mzungu, welcome to Mia’s Diary. I see it all the time; men ‘check out’ so women pick up the slack and then they can never ever go back to the kind of man that checked out in the first place. Obviously, not all men are like that so this is a generalization. I think some of the issues you’ve mentioned are true although I also think some of your opinions are controversial e.g. ALOT of Kenyan girls want out of Kenya. Really? Not sure but let’s see what the readers think. Come back often and congrats on your new relationship :)

  • mimijas?


  • Mia

    mimijas thanks for visiting and pole for the late reply. That being said, I literally don’t know how to respond to your comment. It’s your life so you don’t owe me an explanation but perhaps you could give us one anyway. We won’t know if we don’t ask and I’d definitely like to hear your perspective on all this. Anyway, only if you wish. Come back often and take care!

  • Africangel

    Mia, mimijas just gave you a reply… its none of our business. But how sad…. I wonder what she will be doing when she is too old to get paid? History has a horrible way of catching up with one. I hope she is taking care of herself. Mimijas babe… what goes around comes around. So take care.

  • Mia

    Africangel, I was still looking forward to hearing from. I may not do what she does BUT I also try not to judge (not always easy thanks to my personality :) Anyway Mimijas if ur reading this, please do share. I truly wanna know more (what ur comfortable sharing, that is).

  • honey

    Honestly……….. Gals I am just out of words. I am a proud kenyan gal living out as in europe. but please stop trashing the kenyan name in such tone and harshness. out here its not about the origin, coulor or race but every nationality of women practises the so called profession. a woman who decides to do that. does it willingly and for a reason and a purpose..
    And by the way just becouse you are thee blaming have youever stopped to ask your self why this women engage in such proffesions. I am not supporting them but sometime its better to wisely keep quiet and litsen. and as the saying goes 8 look at the friends i walk with and you will know what kind of a person I am. anyone one who comment such with a absolute of how this so called Kenyan ladies are must be spending quality time with them, and they must be his circle of friends or else He wont really know all the juice story.
    My own opinion is. all women do that “prostitution”. secondly they dont get payed thousand of dollars and they are treated just like animals in the same manner as women are treated in Kenya or anywhere else. if anything the conditions of a prostitute in Western world is more terrible than africa.
    Why? go read the oldest book( bible) and image the kind of perversion in sodom and gomorah multiply that by 10. I think Kenyan women or gals, and every nationality, race and colour are just searching Souls, for love acceptance and a better future, which everyone does; but unfortunately they are searching in all the wrong places. or dont you. All in all Every woman needs the fear of God in them.

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