Goodbyes Suck! :(

Dear Diary,

I honestly don’t feel like sharing much. Maybe it’s coz I’m sleepy or maybe I’m just a little bummed. Maybe both. This week, I had to say goodbye to someone I very much rather not say goodbye to. They mean a lot to me and I’m disappointed that it has come to this. Honestly I just wanna have myself a little boohoo party but I’m a big girl now, so I guess I’m taking the stiff-upper-lip approach, with a small quiver in my lower lip 🙁

Have you ever had to say goodbye to someone you’d rather stayed? Maybe broken up with someone when you were hoping it’d last or had to end a friendship that just wasn’t working out? What did you do to get through it? How did you cope? What advice or suggestions would you give me? Please share with me in the comments section. I could use the encouragement this week. 

I’ve a couple of rants and raves this week so here goes:


1. The elevators at KNH. OMG, these things are like death traps. I mean, it’s actually kind of funny but every time I start to laugh I realize that in a very short time there might be a headline in the papers about one of those monsters having injured or killed those inside. These things are old, slow, dangerous and need to be repaired or better yet, replaced. ASAP! Can Kenyatta National Hospital please please PLEASE style up and do something about these monstrosities. They are seriously dangerous!


Love is kenya - Penya Artists Concert1. Love Is Kenya, the pre-Valentine’s day event at the Museum on Sato, Feb 13th 2010 by Penya Africa. All I can say is wow, wow, WOW! This was an event put together by people who obviously understand quality, originality, fun, business and kudos to the those responsible for the sound system. If you didn’t go, allow me to give you a brief recap; the night was beautiful (God takes credit for that 🙂 ), the music was fun, original, creative, socially conscious, entertaining….basically the kind of music you can listen to without blushing and enjoy yourself in the process. The venue was genius. Congrats to Penya for setting the pace, doing their thing and doing it TIGHT!

2. The Penya artists. I can’t name then all but please allow me to totally rave about three of my faves for the evening (in no particular order): Dela, Stan and my absolute favorite FENA. My only rant is why did FENA sing only one song? Penya, give a girl some play time and allow us to hear more of her. Rumor is, there’s plenty more where that came from.

3. Penya: I’m raving about Penya separately because from what I can tell, they’ve got it right: nurturing new artists, encouraging creativity and support within the “Penya family” and proving that good music need not involve the kind of unoriginal BS that’s flooding our air waves. Sauti Sol anyone? Dela? Fena? Stan? Just A Band? If you don’t know anything about these groups, do yourself a favor and check them out!

4. KNH, specifically the 10th floor. I’d love to give a blanket rave to the whole hospital but I’ve only seen the 10th floor at work. It’s not fancy medical care, it’s good medical care. I appreciate the care they’re giving my loved one and from what I can tell, the staff there, from doctors to nurses to cleaning and kitchen staff…all these professionals know their job and do their job. The patient’s bathrooms are clean, as are the wards and the patients seem well taken care of. Thanks KNH staff for a job well done. The elevators suck but if you can survive the ride, you can be assured of great care on the 10th floor.

OK, I’m out. Raving has certainly lifted my spirits but I still want to hear your answers about the questions above. In a nutshell, what should I do? Please advise, and have a great week. Mwah!



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