Scratch Mine, I’ll Scratch Yours

branch with love hearts valentinesThe season of giving is finally here! Well, at least for me. A time to sow what I shall hopefully reap before Christmas comes around. Boy, do I dread Valentine’s Day.

I’m not much of a genius when it comes to relationships and romance. This probably explains why I have never in my dating life, celebrated two consecutive Valentines with the same love bird. Of course when my friends inquire about this statistic, I proudly declare that there are too many bird species in the wild for me to hold on to one for too long. I then boastfully add that if not for the stringent rules governing the Guinness book of World Records, I should have already broken some record related to the most number of women dated in a year. Then I order another round of drinks to that effect.

Truth is, I sincerely would want to last a couple of years in one relationship, if only to quell the curiosity that has built up inside me over the years. How is it? How do they handle the fights? How to they deal with the boredom? Don’t they run out of stories to tell? After the initial excitement run’s out, how do they keep the fire burning? If only there was a manual for this romance thing.

Daisy and I, we are doing great. It’s been six months, so as you can imagine, my fingers are really crossed right now.

Last year, I started off with a resolution to be truthful, sincere and natural. I know that’s mostly repetition but I really was committed to the cause. One of my girl friends had fed me some garbage about how being sincere was the key to lasting relationships. I trusted her.

So on Valentine’s day, sitting under the moonlight at a weekend getaway with my special one at the time, cuddling while admiring the stars, she brought up this crazy idea about us telling each other one thing about the other, that we had never mentioned before. Sincerity Lawrence, I reminded myself.

Well, she went first of course, saying something about my never staring at her chest region even when she has put some extra effort at parading her goodies. I couldn’t help but laugh heartily at her sheepish sincerity. I then told her that unlike many in my species, I had mastered the art of ogling without being caught, which is true.

Then it was my turn.

Since my potential future lover is probably reading this, I will not display my utter stupidity before I even meet her. So sorry to disappoint you. All I can share with you dear reader is that, looking at it in retrospect, I should never have listened to that girl friend of mine’s gibberish about being truthful in a relationship. I got dumped for a sincere comment.

This year, my resolution was to only sustain relationships, romantic or otherwise, that are mutually beneficial. Another girl friend of mine told me that a better way to a lasting relationship is if both parties realize that romance is a two way street. You scratch mine, I scratch yours, she said. I decided to give it a go.

Frankly, I like it so far. A give and take relationship, with no obligation to sincerity. Daisy says she has a surprise for me this Valentine’s. I told her I have a surprise too, but I still have no clue what to do or get for her. Should it be simple? Should it be a Grand gesture of Love? What if she gets me something awesome and all I have is something nice? What if I get her something totally stupid? And get my a** dumped again on Valentine’s? Seriously, is there a manual out there for this romance thing? I’ll give anything for it, even half my kingdom.

I wish all men all the luck this Valentine’s day.

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