Ask Lily: Should I leave him

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Ive been in a relationship with a really nice guy for almost 4 years. Though it has been an on/off thing coz of distance issues when it comes to his work and my schooling. I went through his phone sometime back and found texts he has received and sent to some chics declaring his undying love for them. When i confronted him, he apologised and  i forgave him. If i happen to go through his phone again, and get some text from some chic, it will be the 5th time. He tells me he loves me but in my mind, i always think he could be cheating. He has told me of his plans to marry me and for us to start living together. He still lives with his siblings and he is thirty years. He wants us to wait till i graduate from campus so that we can live together. Ill be clearing 2 years from now. Everytime i confront him about issues that affect us, he always asks me if im going to leave him. Should i?


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